The First Days of School

This week is so special for Azka (and me) – because for the very first time, he’s going to school – pre-K it is…! And that means, being apart from me for 3 hours in a day! Hahaha. BIG deal. Azka is never been to daycare before, so this is kinda big deal for him for not having me or Papa around. The school is only 5 minutes walk from our home, two times per week; Monday and Tuesday, from 8.10 AM to 11.15 AM. Seems like too short for a school, right? It is. But I’m good with it. The other school, like Head Start – offering morning class a bit longer, or even full day (from 8.30 to 4 PM). I am not really comfortable to be apart with him that long, for a 3 year-old, 8 hours is a bit wee too long. Or maybe it’s just me.


On the way to school – 08.05 AM

The school’s name is Carney Academy and It is a public school (yes, its free) and we’re thankful that we got that school at the first place. Some parents told me that Carney had a good reputation for the pre-K (the teachers and staffs are great) and most importantly the pupils and neighborhood are good (enough) too. I believe schools in Indonesia have better presentation than this school, the classroom is very decent too….

IMG_8451In front of his classroom 08.10 AM


Refused to see the camera, and saying “cheeseeeeee” in the opposite direction -___-‘ – 8. 12 AM

But then again, I’m pretty happy about it, as long as the teachers are good and the fellow kids are from good family (not sure about this, but I’ve seen the parents and they’re… Okay lah), I have nothing to complain (so far), since this is the only opt that we could afford;  if we look for private school, we have to pay at least 5k – 10k per year. And that’s a lot of money for us (!!). Other fellow moms from other playgroups, suggested me some private schools – like Little People’s College or Friends Academy in Dartmouth. It’s truly wonderful place for school… but, $10.000 per year? Oh… you got to be kidding me *pingsan*.

IMG_6848Peeking – 11.10 AM

Anyway, the first two days of school went really well. Azka cried at the first 5 minutes in the class (along with the other kids too). They were crying at the same time and in a snap, they’re forgetting about their fear and enjoying their time playing and learning with their new friends and teachers. As for me, I got a little nerve on the way back from school after dropping off Azka at the first time, but another fellow mom told me “Don’t worry, he’ll get used to it. My daughter was like that too at the beginning,but after a while, she loves it!”. And I remember the principal of the school said in the school orientation: “Your kids would be okay, you will cry longer than them on thew way back home”. Haha.

IMG_6852Later that day, he kept saying “I love school, Ibu” 11.20 AM (Day 2)

IMG_6854Super Sumringah  ^^ (Day 2)

I didn’t cry… But I kept looking at the clock, as it slowly moves from 8.30 – 9 – 10.30 – 11… and finally I got to see him again 🙂 Only 3 hours, that’s good for me and Khalif- having our me time, listening to some music (that Azka banned for me to listen whenever he’s home), doing some chores, and before we even started, time is out…! And we gotta pick Azka back to school.

IMG_6835Happy for his after-school duty: pushing K’s stroller

We love our new routine.  Enjoy your new school Azka….! But remember, me and Papa are still your primary teacher – and Khalif will always be your no. 1 best friend in the world…!

One thought on “The First Days of School

  1. free cha?? bagus uy..tapi bener deh kalo ntar giliran gw kayanya gw nangis lebih lama drpd Jene heuheuheu *emakemakcengeng*
    PR nyari sekolah yang oke di Jogja saat ini..tapi DSAnya menyarankan utk “diajarin sendiri aja dirumah” sementara gw mati gaya T____T

    maap jadi curhat, always fun to read your blog bu! kiss buat A and K ya

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