I Love You, Ibu

My friend in Synovate, Rithmi Widanarko, wrote this status in her Fb today:

Rithmi : I love u Ito… Ito : love u more Bunda.. Gw: love u most… Ito : love u more than most, more than infinity. *welehhh masih kayak gini gak ya dialognya sm gw ketika Ito punya cewek 🙂

I’m very touched to read that…Ain’t he (Ito) sweet? Mbak Rithmi said that as a parent, she and her husband have shown great affection of love towards their kids, that is how they (the kids) learn how to love.  Definitely agree!

As for me, everyday I always say to Azka:  ‘I love you Azka, more than anything and more than anyone in this world’. I can’t hardly wait til the day he is saying back that words to me 🙂

How about you, how often do you say ‘I love you’ to someone that you really care and love?


Litu and Ito with Bunda Rithmi

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