A Glance of Me

Hello there!


Thanks for visiting my blog. My name is Puti Ceniza Sapphira Akbar, but most people call me Chica. This is the place where I put my thoughts and photo journey of my little family with my husband/ best friend/ other half (Papa) Aradea Ramadhan Hakim and our duo dynamic sons Malik Azka Sagara Hakim and Khalif Arana Razzaq Hakim in United States. We moved on 2010 from our lovely hometown in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia in September 2010 to a small historic city in New Bedford. Massachusetts, USA. So, this blog mainly is all about us, New England cities and a glimpse of what’s happening in a life of new mother with a preschooler and a toddler.

On July 2015, we ended our journey in New Bedford and back to Bandung where we started everything new and fresh.


About Me

A 31 year-old Indonesian woman, gig and travel enthusiast, loves baking, photography, the smell of farmers market and nature, and digging treasures at thrift stores. Currently live the motherhood life with smile and laughter, and…a little bit ofΒ frustration πŸ˜€

I studied Oceanography for my Bachelor degree in Bandung Institute of Technology (ITB), I didn’t make a live for being an oceanographer (yet), but I met my better half in here. I considered my self as a very lucky person, because I married my very best friend πŸ™‚ A year after graduated from ITB, I decided to continue my study Β in University of Indonesia, whereas I took Communication Management for my Master. I know, you probably think Β ‘What the heck is the connecting line between Ocean and Communication??’, well…As for me, those are connected and integrated: Climate and Society. It’s my dream that one day I could be a public speaker and be a campaign manager to educate and built awareness to people about the ocean and global climate change.

Time goes on, my passion expanded from one thing to another thing… Mostly what I like to do is related with voluntarism, community development, and children.

At the mean time, on January 2015, I launched a new blog called mamarantau, that aims to give information, inspirations, and stories from Indonesian mothers that living in abroad to Indonesians whenever they are. So, when I’m not around in this blog, I give my energy and thoughts into that site – just like a baby of mine.

And on December 2015, I co-owned a children library in Bandung, West Java called Pustakalana. It’s my other baby and my passion. If you want to read stories of what we do, kindly visit Pustakalana’s blog πŸ™‚

Well, that’s a glance about me. As for now, I’m trying to be a good wife and good mother. Did you know that those are the toughest and challenging job in the world? :p

OK! I hope you’re having a good time browsing through my blog πŸ™‚



Ps:Β  I try to write in English – not that I’m good at it, in fact I am not! Even after live in United States for 5 years, my English is not improving that much. Also, in daily basis, my husband and son give me lots of corrections whenever I mispronounced some words in English. So, bear with me if I make lots of grammatical error πŸ˜‰

48 thoughts on “A Glance of Me

    1. your blog is inspiring..I am a newbie and craving to learn more about blogging. I used old school diary before so i just thought of upgrading it..lol…hope you can give me sosme tips too..


      1. Hello…! Thank you for visiting my blog..I’m still learning too, but WordPress is really user-friendly, so keep on looking the themes that suit you well πŸ™‚

  1. Hey there fellow Coldplay lover πŸ™‚

    Couldn’t help to stalk your profile on twitter and find your blog. Love it! Sounds like you’re having fun there πŸ™‚ Love the wordpress theme as well! It surely makes mine lame.

    Keep writing πŸ™‚

    PS: I love banana and Zee Avi too.

  2. hahah itu teguh hoki bukan sih ca? ca baru tau lo ada blog…kereeeeen…ure my role model deh ca..apalagi dgn style lo yg frugal but chic itu…oh i so love πŸ™‚ salam u/ ara ya…buat yg baca, gw saksi hidup chica and ara waktu ‘jadian’…udh diinterogasi berapa kali dulu dan ditanya ‘bener ga sih kalian pacaran?’, tp selalu jawab engga, eh ujung2nya kawin juga hehehehe…love u three! moga2 satu hari nanti kita ketemu lg ya ca..udh bertaun2 kita ga ketemu…..

    1. HAhah, iya Anouukk Teguh Hoki πŸ˜€ Sok aya-aya wae yah dia…hehe.
      Thank you Nouk! YOU ARE my role model too! Plus idolanya Ara puun, jadi kloplah suami-istri mengagumi wanita yang sama, hihi.
      Ehh, dulu emang ga pacaran kalii…Khan ta’arufan #melipir :p
      We love you four! Marilah proyek menjodohkan Azka sama Aline direalisasikan hehe. InsyaAllah ketemuan ya Nouk, di belahan dunia mana pun…InsyaAllah selama ada sumur di ladang kita bisa bersua kembali *mulaingaco*. Mwahh!

  3. Hi Chica! hehe found ur blog through Facebook, gue link di blog gue yaa.. πŸ™‚ seneng deh bacanya, informatif sekaliii (apalagi yg tentang factory farming dan sebagainya, huhuhu)

  4. Ke sini gara-gara baca komen mbak di Instagramnya Sherina. Then I opened and clicked the follow button on yours. I saw your link and it brings me here now. Sukaaak lah sm cerita2 yg ada di blog ini. This is gonna be my new bacaan di kala senggang dan ketika membutuhkan inspirasi. Thanks mbak. Salam kenal, people call me Fau. Or Ferfau.

  5. Hi ! angkatan 2003 juga bukan sih?
    namanya seperti ring-a-bell

    i like your blog, btw. really really like! rajin banget sih nulisnya (dan bagus). tetap semangat membloggggg!! *pom-pom-dance*

    1. Hello Nina…! WOW your pictures are AMAZING…! ANtara iri dan terkagum2 karena jalan2 teruss, haha – Thank you yaahh! Aku juga ga nyangka di-feature xD Tadinya malah ga ngerti “Siapa sih si tumbleblog ini” bahaha

  6. hai mbak chica salam kenal, saya ketemu blognya ketika blog walking, dan naksir berat sama foto2 dan tulisannya. Btw ada yang mau saya tanyakan kalau berkenan, boleh minta email address/ fb untuk direct message mbak? terima kasih sebelumnya πŸ™‚

  7. Dear Chica/Mrs Hakim,

    Your blog was mentioned in the FB page of New Bedford Guide. I decided to check it out, as I too am the significant other of an international student from UMass Dartmouth. My name is Tasnim and I moved with my husband Shihab from Dhaka, Bangladesh to New Bedford in Aug ’12. You blog is very sweet and also informative. I too love exploring and have tried too see as much of NB/Fairhaven/Dartmouth as I could in the past 2 years.

    I had some questions regarding Masjid Al-Ehsan. Do they still have iftar potluck and on which day? Is there a number to contact them about their Eid activities? We feel a bit isolated during Ramadan and would’ve liked to attend an event or two.

    Thank you for creating this blog. Maybe we’ll run across each other someday in downtown NB. I live about a 10 minute walk from downtown.

    1. Hello Tasnim…! Assalammualaikum,

      I’m glad that you contact me and find useful information from here. About the iftar potluck, they still have it every Saturday each week during Ramadhan.. And yesterday they had the first Taraweh. I myself will start fasting tomorrow on Sunday, InsyaAllah. Btw, I have a friend that came from Bangladesh too!Her name is Shamim and she lived in the same housing place with me. Do you know her? And this is my emal: puti.ceniza@gmail.com if you want to contact me someday. See you around..!

      1. Walaikumassalam,
        Thanks for the reply. My husband went to Friday prayers this week and found out the relevant information. I do not know the Bangladeshi you mentioned. I just know the Bangladeshis in the MBA program as Shihab is in that department.
        I’ll be attending the folk festival this weekend in downtown NB. Have you ever been? We went last summer and enjoyed the laid-back + charming music.
        Anyway, I hope you and your family have a fun summer and the long days of fasting pass by peacefully. My email is: tasnim_ar@hotmail.com.

  8. Hello i also live in NB , 10 minuts walk from the Masjid Al-Ehsan , i try to call the number i find online , i even went there but see no one , i want know if they have classes for new reverted, Quran study , please can you help me get in contact with the Immam there ?

    1. Hello Welida..! You can come on Jumaah Prayer – come around 12.15 PM – 1.30 PM, you can meet the Imam there. Also, there’s woman recite Qur’an at my friend house, her name is Hajira (livein south end of new bedford, very near to Hazelwood park). If you can send e your email address to mine: puti.ceniza@gmail.com, i will send u her contact πŸ™‚

  9. Hi Chic…
    malem ini baru baca lagi blogmu… How you can combine being a mother, a wife, a photographer and a writer is beyond me..and a bloody good one too (excuse the language.. :)). Envy sih udah jelas, but more of it, i am inspired by you… Keep writing and inspiring ya caa… allow me to be a humble ‘stalker’ and to pick some of your ideas and creativity, pleaseeee….

    1. Teh Dhinnn, hatur nuhun udah mampir dan follow..! Blognya udah lama ga diupdate, huhu, terbengkalai x)) Thank you apresiasinya *malu, merasa ga segitunya* tapi senang jika bisa menginspirasi..! Mwahhh..!

  10. Kak Chica, terima kasih sudah follow blogku,,
    Cerita-cerita kak Chica di blog ini sungguh menginspirasi kalau suatu saat nanti aku menjadi ibu..
    Bisa dijadikan teladan πŸ˜€

  11. Halo mba Chica, salam kenal ya…suka deh sama blog nya, dan sama foto2nya juga, baguuusss…aku baru aja mulai nge blog, niat sih udah lama, akhirnya kesampean setelah membaca blog mamarantau dan blog nya mba rika di seerika, ternyata banyak banget cerita2 seru dari para blogger yaa…mudah2an bisa terus konsisten nge blog…mba, aku suka deh sama home decor nya, pengen nanya2 lebih lanjut in private boleh kah? tq so much yaa

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