Warmer Days Are (Finally) Here

Suddenly it’s May and my babies are turning 5 and 3 in the next couple of days…! *WHAAAAT*. Will talk about that in a separate post, but I’d say I’m glad the weather is finally getting warmer today..! And since Mba Esti, Mas Afif and their children (Abby and Shafwa) visited us from Newport, we did a little picnic and trekking at Parsons Reserve’s Daffodil Patch.

IMG_6969 IMG_6953

It doesn’t look tempting from this picture, but there good combinations of what I made: Salmon and caramelized sauce, Bala-bala a.k.a corn + spinach+ tofu + carrot fritters and what Mba Esti made: Terong Balado (with paprika not chillies)  + Sambel goreng ati & kentang + Opor Ayam. Desserts: fruit salad, apple sauce for kids, and apple pies. With 18 C, this is just perfect:

IMG_6943 IMG_6940

We still had around 4-9 C along April, some days are 14-18 C which were the awesome-est weather. During that days, usually me and Khalif spent some time around the park and playground, sometime Papa came along too (so I can asked “Please take a picture of me under that Magnolia!” ahaha).

IMG_6837 IMG_6782 IMG_6778IMG_6675

Apart from that – life is just swell. Me and Ara talked about some major changes in the next couple of months – I can’t talk much about that right now, because of the uncertainty about our future. Sometimes I could be really panic about this/ sometimes I just don’t want to stress about it and choose to enjoy what we have right now, but maybe a little plan would make everything easier. Like build a new dream and goals together. Wish us luck!

IMG_6733 IMG_6705 IMG_6556 TukartuposAt the mean time, let’s embrace this beginning of life. Welcome springtime and picnic season..!

5 thoughts on “Warmer Days Are (Finally) Here

  1. Kayaknya pikniknya mengasyikkan ya, Uni Ca.. Foto Khalif tampak belakang sambil dadah-dadah di kandang lucu banget… Hahaha
    Appnya lucu sih, tapi ga akan lucu lagi kalau dia nebak umur sama jenis kelamin orang yang sebenarnya ga ada di gambar… Creepy~ Hahaha

    1. Huahuahua GILE bangetttt kalo sampe beneran dia nebak yang gada di gambar Jar…! Super creepy itu mah x) Btw, di beberapa foto lain, umur gue bervariasi: 5 dan 6 tahun (seriously?!!), 26, dan 38 tahun xD

  2. Aslinya? Hahaha..
    Waktu itu gue ngeliat Ozu di stasiun Manggarai.. Sepertinya abis dari UI..
    Pengin negor sok akrab gitu sebenernya, tapi aku malu~

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