Winter Storm Juno

This is our 5th winter, and been an exceptional one compare to the previous years. One of the odd: the first snowfall occurred on October, the day after Halloween and one time during November (still autumn). After that, probably one or two times during December – even during Christmas week, all we got in our region was only rain and now snow. The first 3 weeks in January, the snow appeared just for a moment during nighttimes and after that vanished before noontime. Too soon to begone and actually I’ve been waiting for a snowstorm. We did have several days with temperature below the normal ones, the coldest that I’ve ever experienced: -18 Celsius. At that time, the school was canceled – because they afraid, it might be a problem for parents waiting for the pupils outside.

IMG_2809 IMG_2815During pick-up time at Azka’s school, I usually chit-chat with one of the father or other moms, about how badly I want it to be snow. A heavy ones. They’re not fond of my idea, because they kinda hate when it snows a lot and not want to deal with the mess it created; I understand later on, that they have their own properties and must to take care of it by themselves. Meanwhile, I, rely everything to the maintenance guys in our housing area – not even bothered to think that snowstorm would be inconvenient for many people, including the potent to have power outages in some areas and homeless people, etc. What a selfish me.

Anyhow, here, at the 4th week of January…. With several warnings appear two days prior the storm on my Android: Blizzard Warning in Southeastern Massachusetts; A winter storm Juno. There’s Massachusetts statewide travel ban which not allow residents to use their vehicle during the peak of the storm, the only vehicles allowed are just the essentials (like police, firefighters, medicals, and other essentials state employees), schools and businesses are closed for 2 days (and we’re still waiting whether the will extend it for the next two days or not, the street still looked pretty bad with 2 feet of snow.

IMG_2869 IMG_2875

As for our family, we always love this time of the year – where we’re allowed to wake up late and lazy (more screening time for the kids and parents that is) and just enjoying to bake some Blueberry Streusel Coffeecake, raspberry scones, more coffees, teas, and hot chocolates while watching the gray sky and snowfall that seems never end – I live for that moment (of course, after that there will be tons of dishes to be washed and laundries to be done!). But I just want to embrace it while I can… And the after the storm passed, is another favorite time, where I just always love the cold sensation touched my skin, the soft puffy snow as my bed, and the winter wonderland is here. IMG_2957IMG_2929

IMG_2848 IMG_2841 IMG_2881And yes, I’m being selfish again, because I didn’t do any parts of shoveling and cleared the path.

IMG_2891 IMG_2914 IMG_2972

11 thoughts on “Winter Storm Juno

    1. besok gw paketin yaaa pake UPS, atau USPS? ehhehhe. Bagus dong Deb, fotoin yaa warna-warni spring buat mamarantau *teteuuup*. Ini orang2 udah pada mau gila salju banyak bangett.. Barusan deres lagi turun x) *But I’m happy, haha. more snowwww…..!*

  1. Haiiiih.. tinggi banget saljunyaaaaaa.. *menatap nanar keluar yang tanpa salju*. Btw, rumahnya lucu2 banget warnanyaaaa..
    btw, salam kenal juga yaaaa.. ^_^

    1. Iyahh *menatap nanar jalanan yg masih bertumpuk salju* —> udah 5 hari ngendon di rumah x) Mulai kebosanan.

      Eniwey, thank you udah mampir ya, ini lagi acak kadut krn baruuu ganti theme *sigh* merasa cupu liat blog bebe yang super organized, hehe.

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