Idul Adha in The Beginning of Autumn

This year Idul Adha felt a lot more festive than the previous years – though in 2013 we celebrated it with Angke, Igun and Rakeem, in 2012 we had Dita stayed with us for 2 nights. This year we celebrated it in three different places. After we did our Ied Prayer at Masjid Al-Ehsan, we went to Provost of UMassD apartment – which in there they served a very delicious Bangladesh main dishes and desserts, then we headed to Wellesley a town west from Boston to Uda Lino and Uni Olla’s beautiful house, and at night we went to Shamim and Nabil’s apartment just 3 mins walk from our place. We had a great time and bunch inspirations as well from our interaction with all the people we meet and chatted. Especially the very humble Provost and successful Indonesian families that lived and worked in US for more than a decade. I appreciate their kindness and warm gestures, it feels so much different if I met people in Indonesia with the same position – not trying to judge, but in Indonesia I felt position in job so much matter that create this hierarchy and superiority when we interact with them. In here, everyone is just equal. I love it. And what made it even better is…. The leaves are changing and autumn is here…!

IMG_0329 IMG_0292 IMG_0241 IMG_0280 IMG_0297 IMG_0164IMG_0165IMG_0168 IMG_0185 IMG_0279 IMG_0213 IMG_0228 IMG_0236 IMG_0180 IMG_0263 IMG_0172 IMG_016710665719_10152395229923951_3268686921047415099_nIMG_0304IMG_0322IMG_0358Hopefully next year we still could have Idul Adha in the States..! Amin.

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