My Favorite Time of The Year is Now

There are two reasons why I love October so much: the leaves and trees at its most beautiful form in New Bedford (and New England region), the Halloween spirit is here (I just love seeing pumpkins, Halloween decorations, and people wearing weird and silly costumes). But this year I have more than two: I got to see my parents and sister for very first time after 4 years and 1 month..! It seems like a very long time, especially for us – since my family and I are rarely kept in touch with Skype (we had our WhatsApp group, but that’s it). This is because my parents aren’t tech savvy – after years, they still couldn’t figure out how to use Skype by themselves for some reason. And my siblings are living scattered away from them, so they had no hope to do a Skype routine (apart for the fact that my parents, especially Bunda, is a very busy person as she always be). With this kind of situation, Malik (as my family always refer, my parents didn’t fancy “Azka”) and Khalif didn’t know their grandparents that much. They of course know Akiya and Eni better than Inyik and Uci. They were really excited to meet their Inyik and Uci…!


Long story short, they only stayed in here for 5 full days. I KNOW that was very very short. It felt like a dream to have them here….I love to see how Azka and Khalif could feel connected to them just right away – especially Azka who loves Tante Ozu very much (that he refers her as ‘Chicken pox’ and Ozu refers Azka as ‘Chubby cheek”) – I don’t know what that means, but its just cute to see their interactions, hehe. Though sometimes Azka could be clingy to Ozu and Inyik, I guess it’s just the way he showed his affection to them. 
IMG_9799 IMG_0092 IMG_0231

During their short stays in here, I tried my best to showed them our family favorite places around New Bedford,  Fairhaven, and Dartmouth, then a short trip to Providence, Boston, and New York City. The schedule was a bit packed and we had to deal with jet lag, tiredness, and traffic. Oh, and speaking of traveling with two kids under 5, it was a lot of work – good for us, the minivan that we rented had a DVD player and TV, so within that 5 days without any doubt I let them watched as much as they want , as long as they’re happy – and everyone happy x) *A good excuse since I didn’t prepare any kind of road trip games materials.

IMG_9662 DSC00948 DSC00942 DSC00888DSC00907

However, I still feel a bit guilty because maybe (just maybe), we supposedly could see more attractions and places if I was more prepared with day to day schedule – or something like that. But again, that was me being ambitious, then I remember Bunda said “We only have 5 days, our main intentions to come to US is visiting you, Ara and see Malik and Khalif. Don’t worry about taking us to many places, it’s secondary. I want to see New Bedford and your favorite places like the ones you showed in your Instagram”. Aha, so I was more “go with the flow” and not too anxious going from one touristy places to another. Still, we got enough time to enjoy New Bedford best places like Fort Taber, Fort Phoenix, Antiques, RJD House, Whaling Museum, Downtown, and South End, picnic in Boston Public Garden, strolling around in Beacon Hill, Newburry St and got a sight inside Boston Public Library, MIT and Harvard, had a evening breeze in Upper West Side while in Manhattan, sight seeing in Strawberry Fields, Central Park, Carnegie Hall, and Times Sq (including a verrrrrryy long walk in Times Sq subway at 10.30 PM – a nightmare for my mom because it was very long walk – Maafkan ya Bunda, next time we used the yellow cab!), an afternoon glory in DUMBO Brooklyn, Grand Central,Ground Zero, and little lost in New Jersey. The weather and traffic could be tricky inside Boston and Manhattan, but Ayah said it was nothing compare to Jakarta traffic, hehe. I agree with that.

IMG_9747 IMG_9723 IMG_9719


IMG_0064And all of the sudden the time flew, and they’re gone. Sedih. But, I’m sure there will be another visits, let’s hope it is not 4 years from now. Until we see you again Uci, Inyik, dan Tante Ozu….!

IMG_9760Ps: If you want to see a glimpse of New Bedford from my sister’s eyes, kindly check her blog. It’s sure beautiful!

11 thoughts on “My Favorite Time of The Year is Now

  1. I know how it feels when parents visit their kid once in a while.
    Tho I am just living in Jakarta and my parents live in another city, but when they pay a visit, I am too lazy to go to work or doing any routines. I want to stay at home with them all day long~

    1. Hi Fajar..! Salam kenal ya. Iyaa…, during my college years in Bandung, every single time of their visits would ended up with me being galau when they departed back to Jakarta x( Walau setelahnya selalu lupa lagi sms (pada jaman itu) atau nelpon, hehe. Alhamdulillah ya, semoga ortu kita sehat2 selalu dan ada usia panjang dan rezeki untuk banyak kunjungan2 (dan kunjungan pulang kampung) berikutnya…!

      1. Hi Chica! Salam kenal juga. Sebenarnya aku udah lumayan lama follow blogmu. Tapi baru sempat komen sekarang. Hehehe..
        Semoga kita semua diberi nikmat sehat, panjang umur, dan kelancaran rezeki ya. Aamiin ya rabbal alamin. Anyway, by any chance, kamu keturunan Minang kah? Dari panggilan adikmu ke kamu sama panggilan inyik pengganti kakek. Hehehe. 🙂

      2. Yah Fajar, kenapa baru komen sekarang? Hehhe, aku suka blog dan foto2mu…! Amin YRA doanya.

        Iya, aku keturunan Minang dari kedua ortu – hanya 1/4 Sunda 😀 tapi lahir dan besar di Jakarta, jadi yang tersisa keMinangannya hanya nama “Puti” dan kalo ngomong, katanya keliatan banget “Sumatera”nya x))

      3. Biasanya jadi silent reader aja. Heheh..
        Makasih loh Chica. Padahal di blog aku banyak pakai foto teman. Hahaha. Aku juga suka banget sama foto-foto di How I Met You. Kalau boleh tau pakai kamera apa ya? Hehehe

        Aku kebetulan Minang juga. Hahaha. Jadi aku panggil Uni Chica aja kali ya. Agak kurang sopan kayaknya kalau langsung panggil nama. Hehehe.

        Azka sama Khalif lucu banget…
        Duh jadi galau pengen punya anak. Hahahaha

      4. Hahaha, iya dengan senang hati dipanggil Uni Chica 😀 Itu tadi baru liat sekilas postingan2 terakhir, pas aku baca yang lama2 postinganmu aku suka tulisannya…! Jago banget Bahasa Inggrisnya…hoho. Mengalir gituu tulisannya.. #jadiminderbanyakgrammarsalah

        Kameranya pake Canon EOS1000D keluaran 2009, udah agak2 rusak karena beberapa kali kebanting sama Azka *zzzzzzzzz…..

        Jangan galau2, nikmati masa2x bisa nonton film festival, konser musik, dan solo traveling 🙂 Mungkin kalo kita seangkatan dan sama2 di Jakarta, bakalan sering berpapasan di acara2x kultural ibukota *jiee*

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