Some Memories – Not To Be Forgotten Along Summertime

Well, that’s the longest title I’ve ever posted in this blog! Autumn is here with rainy days in the past week and odd weather, talk about some days it was already 2 Celsius in the AM and some other days was like 23 Celsius. I wish I could stop complaining about the continuous odd weather that happen in this planet and focus to the memories we made every single days. Oh well, these are some of pictures that are too good to be kept in my cluttered folders.

We spent most of evenings at the playground or park – ride along and enjoyed the cool summer breeze:

IMG_9117 IMG_8925 IMG_8920 IMG_8911

IMG_9697 IMG_9637 IMG_9033IMG_9155IMG_9076Azka is now going to school for full days, as this is his second year of preschool – five days a week, from 8.10 AM to 2.10 PM, except Friday until 11.10 AM. This is one of the hardest decision for me to let him in the school for 6 hours (?!). He’s only 4.. I didn’t want to overwhelmed him with school. And this program is new at his school: they put together 7 role models students and 7 special needs students. My concern was mostly because during his first year of school, Azka seemed didn’t really enjoy it that much – even it was only for 2 days and only for 3 hours each days. But then, he surprised me every time I pick him after school with a big smile and non-stop chattering about what happened at school – seems that he had a great day playing with his best friends: Mason, Jayden and Rylee. Oh, Rylee is a beautiful girl and I think she’s Azka’s first love. Azka always says “I love Rylee”. Puppy love is cute, but actually I didn’t expect him to experience it at this age (heehhh).

From last day of school – last June. And that blonde girl is Little Miss R 🙂
First Day of School, Sept 8 2014. Always have to use his scooter.


This year, we feel very lucky and grateful because Mr.Frank a.k.a Chico gave us weekly supply of fresh produces from Brix County Farm! He joined the Community Sharing Agriculture program, and seemed to get plenty of it – so he always gave some to his friends. Thank you Chico..! And of course, we spent lots of weekends by visiting some of the farms nearby for Pick Your Own and buy fresh eggs and fruits..!


IMG_9430 IMG_9457IMG_9919IMG_9942IMG_9866


Some of the foods I (we) cooked in Ramadhan – 17 hours fasting with two energetic kids and HOT summer days. Alhamdulillah 😉

IMG_9723 IMG_9422 hidanganberbuka food 
IMG_9518Yard sale are everywhere, and I love to find these vintage board games!

IMG_9303This summer we hosted more than 20 guests from AirBnb, 1 from Couchsurfing , and 1 from Grass Root Summit from Japan. We had a wonderful time with our guests, the talks about histories and cultures especially – made me want to explore many places on earth even more..! I love that they are very open to us (knowing that we’re Muslim family with 2 kids) and comfortable with the very humble room we provide them. Oh, and our first Couchsurfing guest is a Muslim from Paris…! The very first minute I met her, we talked like we knew each others for ages. I really love this sharing economy and places idea – to connect people and be inspired.

Some souvenirs from Lynda


Origami session with Hiroko:IMG_9425 IMG_0071IMG_0078 Thank you for the fond memories, summer..! See you next year (I hope!)…!

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