Summer Ride

IMG_9169Last January, when Hendra was about to go back to Indonesia for good (or temporary, I hope) he gave me some sort of items that he was about to donate to GoodWill or throw away. Some of the things that he couldn’t bring back to Indonesia because the cargo was already too full and he’s desperately need to throw this stuffs away to a good hand/ someone that he knew will use this stuffs so it won’t be wasted. I, of course, love this kinda “lungsuran” things! Many stuffs that he gave are kitchenware, because Hendra loves cooking. But the one that out of my expectation was he gave me HIS bike! It’s Schwinn and even tough its for men, I love it to pieces. I wasn’t sure at first, so I told him “Let me pay for this”, and he told me “No, this is for you, because you’re being a good mom. It’s a gift for you”. I was almost in tears, haha. No, seriously, I rarely got a compliment like that from another man, so it means a lot for me. Thank you so much Hendra..!

IMG_7342 IMG_7345

But that bike stayed in Boston for about 5 months. Our bad – we kept on postponed to pick it up; because Jan- April the weather was still too cold for pedaling. But well, that’s only our excuse, the main reason is because we just lazy. Anyhow, I used the bike just for recreational purpose, every morning when it is possible, I would happily ride along in my neighborhood – and took some pictures or not. Or later in the evening, when Ara already at home, I would have my me time going around in the neighborhood. It’s never a long ride, mostly it’s 5 miles back and forth, and I took in slow pace for 1 hour ride.


With this bike, we bought some additional equipment: bike trunk rack (which I need to sell now, because we bought only for 1 bike) and a child seat. I was actually plan to buy a bicycle trailer instead child seat, but I wasn’t so sure about pulling two kids behind me with that trailer. It must be really heavy. Hfff.


Now, that I have my own bike… Ara wanted one for him too. And because the model of Hendra’s bike is for men, this time we’re looking for a women’s bike – for me. I’m a bit picky when it comes to type of bike, because I wanted it to have a vintage-look or even better a real vintage bike. Most of vintage bikes are expensive. My budget always under $50 for used bike (we’re cheap like that, I know). But one afternoon, Ara told me that he passed the Thrift Store in County St, and he saw a nice red bike that looked great. At first, I was hesitant, but let’s take a look…! By the time I got to the store, it was almost 7 pm and the store already about to closed. I looked that bike, and I fell in love right away. It’s just perfectly fit for me! Model wise, color wise, brand wise, and budget wise! I love to see her, she’s so pretty or what?IMG_9612 IMG_9606

In New Bedford, there is a community New Bedford Bicycle Community; they’re always have a public meeting, usually at City Hall New Bedford every third Wednesday each month. I ALWAYS wanted to come for the meeting – but since my subscription to the newsletter community two years ago, I haven’t got a chance to come for the meeting. This month I promised to come for the meeting and join the ride with the group! Though I wasn’t so sure about the distance (they ride about 13 miles), but I’ll give it a try! Anyhow, I got featured in the newsletter this month.. yeay!NBbike

Last Sunday me and Azka went for a picnic at Buttonwood Park. Were not feeling well, but need fresh air.. so a picnic would be nice;




Hope to get more bike ride this summer-autumn! Stay healthy and positive all..!


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