First Week of Summer


Summer initially started on the 21st day of June in the northern hemisphere – the summer solstice and it’s the longest day of the year. I was a little bit nervous to welcoming summer this year, because on the June 29th we started the first day of Ramadhan and this is my first Ramadhan after 4 years…! And it just happens that I have to get through 17 hours of fasting , on the early summer days, with two littles (which one of it is a TWO years old, along with some tantrums and crankiness), I was hopeless. As I started two days of fasting and being stay at home all day long (as I chose to, that I’m very scared just get in touch with the summer sun), I’m gonna say it’s not that hard if we talk about being hungry or thirsty, the hardest part is to control my emotion toward the kids. Fufufufu. I’m easily becoming irritated by their little small mistakes. I hope in the next days I could be more patient and calm with these two… Maafkan Ibu ya, Azka dan Khalif nak..!

Well anyhow, talk about the first  days of summer.. It went pretty well! We spent some weekends barefoot in the sand, got ourselves sunkissed, and lots of laundry piles up -some of it are full of sands . We always go to the beach after 4 pm, at that hour, the sun isn’t really as strong as in the morning-noon, and the temperature went down a bit, the wind breeze just what we could handle (not the one that can caused “masuk angin” kinda thing). We explore some new beaches within 40 minutes from New Bedford. If you live nearby, you probably want to check these places. Some of it aren’t free, it’s about $10-$15 per visit, but always free after 4 pm. And that exactly what we do (and save the money to but local ice cream..!) 🙂

1. South Shore, Little Compton, Rhode Island. I like this beach..! Some might not being comfortable with the seaweeds just hanging on the shore, and some pebbles along the way.. But we’re okay and the pebbles make a great souvenirs too (sorry, just can’t help to pick some of it). If you go there from New Bedford, use the Russel Mill Rd instead going from Interstate, that way you will be able to see the scenic view of the farm and greens along Dartmouth and Westport. It’s so lovely – especially we’re accompanied by The Stone Roses album (1989). Just a perfect soundtrack…! Review about this place is in here.

IMG_7801 IMG_7860 IMG_7873 IMG_7828 IMG_7869 IMG_7904 IMG_7757


2. Gooseberry Island, Westport, MA

The small island of Gooseberry Island is the Town of Westport’s most southern point and is located off the shores of Westport, between Horseneck Beach and East Beach. We went there by “an accident”. We supposed to go to the Demarest Lloyd State Park, but we went there close to its closing hour at 6 pm. And we played at the wrong side of the beach, which is very rocky (chunks of it!). If we’re on the right side, people say that it’s beautiful and you could find the white sand along – see some sights of Blue Heron. So, we asked the lifeguard, which beach still open, free, and has a good view and he recommend us to visit Gooseberry Island – located just 15 minutes from Demarest Lloyd and near to Horseneck Beach.  I like Gooseberry, aside from the beach you can also do a recreational fishing, and use the walking path to see the southern part of this island.

Demarest Lloyd rockiest part:

IMG_8264 IMG_8274

Gooseberry Island:

IMG_8294IMG_8286 IMG_8293
IMG_8322IMG_8326 IMG_8342 IMG_8335 IMG_8339

3. Round Hill Beach, Dartmouth, MA

Mba Lia asked us to go out for a beach day, and I how could I resist..! The boys would be very happy to go with their dear Kak Jaffa, and I’ve been wanting to go to this beach after my friend told me that this place is her favorite beach because of the white sand and beautiful view. Not to mention, it feels like a private and hidden beach as well..! The only downside is the wind could be very harsh during afternoon (we went around 4.30 pm), but the kids and moms were happy and go back home with huge appetite. Thanks Mba Lia to served a very yummy Mie Goreng Ayam..!

IMG_8077 IMG_8079 IMG_8089
IMG_8096 IMG_8098 IMG_8102

4. Myles Standish, Carver/ Plymouth, MA

This one is a freshwater pond. We never been to this wide camping ground before, some of moms recommend this place. Too bad we couldn’t get to another pond, because it’s closed for public and only for those who do camping. So the only pond that open for picnic and swimming is College Pond. We went there at the wrong hour, it is at 1 pm. HOT, very hot. And I decided to swam with the boys, and Ara stayed in the shades because he hates hot. I hate hot too, but I always wanted to swim in the freshwater…so this might the only chance! The place is nice, I like it and maybe next time we could do camping in there, they got a very good reviews for the camp ground. The parking fee is only $5/car. The only sad thing that day was… When we’re about to go back home, we discovered that our car had a flat tire… And we don’t have any spare..! It took AAA 2 hours to come, the place has no service for cellphone, the payphone sucks, and the only thing we could do was using the office phone. The lifeguards are very helpful though..!

IMG_8362 IMG_8376 IMG_8379 IMG_8378 IMG_8375 IMG_8365Alhamdulillah for the beautiful June…!


4 thoughts on “First Week of Summer

  1. Aduuh pantainya bagus2 ya ca.. Tapi dingin ngga? Bayangannya kalo di east dingin aja terus hehehe, berapa derajat sekarang2 ini? Di LA sih udh kayak jakarta katanya hehe..

    1. Hahhaa, kalo sore dingin Ta…! Jadi jam 5 memang udah angin plus si airnya memang dingin, jadi anak2 ga nyemplung x) main di pasir aja. Tapi kalo jam 12an gitu malah ga kuat panasnya..terlalu terik, walau akhirnya bisa nyobain berenang kalo jam segitu *dan kulit terbakar, hehe*

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