Damon Albarn and The Heavy Seas


Finally, I had a chance to see my lifelong idol, live in concert, standing 1 meter in front of me, even slightly touched his arm, had an eye contact (or maybe just my imagination, haha), ..It was a dream come true. I know it is different, it wasn’t Blur. There were no Graham Coxon, no Alex James, and no Dave Rowntree… but still, it is the mastermind of Blur and Gorillaz, also some others collaborative projects of African Music, The Good, the Bad and the Queen, Rocket Juice and the moon, Dr. Dee, etc.

It is Mr. Damon Albarn….(*scream*) and his new band “The Heavy Seas” live in concert in Boston. To be honest, at first I wasn’t so sure that I want to watch him live as a “solo” musician, because I don’t want to ruin “how I feel about him”.  I’m afraid that I would ended up hating him for being old and boring. I’m talking about his new solo album “Everyday Robots” which sounds rather too mellow to me. I couldn’t imagine how the concert would be, as this is not Blur. The only upbeat song in “Everyday Robots” is “Mr.Tembo”, that’s it. And how about the rest? Apparently I was wrong…! I really heart these songs in the album: “Heavy Seas of Love”, “Lonely Press Play”, “Photographs (you are taking now)”, and “You and Me”. In a nutshell, I enjoyed the album.

Also, why I changed my mind to sell the ticket 3 days before the D-Day, was because I read an article in TIME magazine, coincidentally had Albarn featured in one column. “The Hardest-Working Man in Rock” as the title. I was ecstatic, HOW I possibly wanted to cancel to watch him LIVE? He’s DAMON ALBARN for god sake…! I. Must. Watch. Him. Live. The living legend.


On that fine June 9th afternoon, I went to Boston. Papa Ara and the kids was happily dropped off me at the Bus Terminal. The concert started at 8 PM (in the ticket), I departed from New Bedford at 5 PM. When I arrived at the venue, Royale Boston, there were already a line in front of the entrance door. Not too long, maybe 20 people. I joined the line, in the hope that my 1.5 hour waiting before the concert would paid off by standing in the front row. And.. I did. There, exactly in the middle of the stage, a single spot, destined for me x) Along with the VIPs, I was standing there (with regular ticket, of course).
IMG_6739Fortunately, people surround me was Albarn’s finest fan. They came from New Jersey, New Hampshire, New York, etc. Some of them were already watched the day before in NY and another one in “Governors Ball” music festival. Basically they watched Damon for 3 days in a row. Wheww. Talking about being fortunate, sometimes I just got bad luck in concert, this one everything is (almost) perfect. I said almost, because there was a possibility for me to see him and took picture after the concert, but I had to catch the last bus to New Bedford at 11.30 PM. The young lady half-Colombian and half-Peruvian was one luckly lady, Damon held her hand for like 1 minutes in “You and Me” song and after that got to meet him in person for signature and picture. Envy. Errr.

Anyhow, the concert started at 9.30 PM – which was driving me crazy to wait that long. Tapi semua terbayar dengan penampilan Damon and The Heavy Seas yang sangat maksimal, even only for a small intimate gig like this.  The set list is a mix songs from any of Damon’s projects, and of course I WAS REALLY happy when he sang “Out of Time”, “All your life”, and… “Song 2”..! I scream my heart out when he sang those songs.. *happy tears*. I am allowed to be lebay on this very special night. Hee.


Some souvenirs, taken by me with my super lame pocket camera and some from this blog.

IMG_6863 IMG_6792 IMG_6935 IMG_6899
IMG_6844 tumblr_inline_n6xyd2VEWX1qzntq3

tumblr_inline_n6xxgooHMr1qzntq3 tumblr_inline_n6xxb1BwSJ1qzntq3Did you spot me? ;))

Thank you for the finest evening, Damon Albarn (and The Heavy Seas). Still hoping, that one day I could watch you with Blur…!


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