DIY Postcard Wall

As my fascination about postcards keep on growing, I was thinking to put it as a wall decor in my living room. So I bought a helluva 100 postcards package of Penguins classic book from Amazon. At first, it’s a bit tough to choose which vintage-look postcards that I want to be installed, because…. look at this:

tumblr_mbp73wMdV11rnpf4qo1_1280Source from here.

aed9272de63eb48c3498953065abc5c0Source from here

Pretty huh? But my heart already set with the Penguin classic books cover, and had this inspiration from this blog:

I felt like I don’t want to spend additional money for the canvas, so what I did I used my old Ikea wall decor dotted painting and just attach the preferred postcards with tape. It’s not bad, but it’s not really neat either, hehe. Even so, I love how it turned out:IMG_6402

IMG_6454IMG_6453Maybe later on when I feel like crafty and not penny-pinched I will make it in much better arrangements with bigger canvas and supplies x)

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