DIY Lipstick Art


Just had a spontaneous idea to make this lipstick stamped piece of “art”: because I got bored doing hand, feet, and potato stamped, why not lips-stamped?  Also, I just got several new cheap lipsticks from yard sale during the Memorial Day weekend and I felt like to give it for Papa Ara because he’s been so supportive and helpful with the kids and home chores. At first I wanted to wait until Father’s Day to give it to him, but it’s still two weeks from now, and we can’t wait. The process only need around 7 minutes, and that’s it! All you need is a blank paper and some lipsticks.


IMG_6460 IMG_6487


I did this with Azka and Khalif, but they felt giddy as I applied the lipstick on their lips and they had to smack it on the paper, haha. So they did only two kisses, and the rest is mine. I know this is corny, but I think this is a very easy, personal, kinda statement card that even Hallmark couldn’t make it. Right? Right? 😉 This one is Azka and Khalif’s doodles and little lips some where there, haa.



Inspirations came from here and here. I love the “You are loved” statement, and the “You and Me, Always” is from Cardigan’s song. Maybe if you have any favorite quotes or lyrics, why not trying to write it in a piece of paper with (cheap) lipstick too, I bet your beloved ones going to be feel so special (somewhat) – and if you have a daughter (instead of sons), I think they would love to do it as a present to their Father. Just an idea ^^


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