Mr. Tembo

My current mood-booster song. Thank you Mr. Damon Albarn and Mr. Tembo, it always put a smile on me while watching it.. And I can’t wait to see you (dear Albarn) in the next two weeks…(!! silent scream). 

We will sing with you
Just like the T.V
In Mr. Tembo’s room
Off the emphatic night
He checked in on his own
At Mkombozi Inn and
Made it his home

The track is from Albarn’s new album “Everyday Robots”, and inspired by his trip to Tanzania,  where he met an orphaned baby elephant of the same name. Now he’s cut a video for the single, and it stars the song’s adorable namesake. The single is a jaunty bit of ukelele pop, with tropical vibes, English reserve and a sweet heart. The video  matches that tone, with Albarn performing with his band the Heavy Seas in a London church. But the real star is Mr. Tembo himself, who shows up in amber-hued footage on a TV in the venue. Strolling around the savvanah, he’s every bit as aww-inspiring as Albarn’s song suggests. Giorgio Testi directed the video. Albarn’s tour isn’t hitting southern California any time soon, but we imagine that a few minutes with Mr. Tembo will tide you over. Source: here.


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