Happy Mother’s day for you who celebrate it…!  As for me, I didn’t get my me time, massage, flowers,  or whatsoever, in fact it was a busy time that day since we had a little celebration for Azka and Khalif with our Indonesian friends. On Saturday, I cooked nearly 9 hours straight, without resting my legs at all ( okay, maybe 10 minutes sit down and had a quick lunch). I was really ambitious to make everything from scratch all by myself and in one day… The foods was actually pretty simple… So I didn’t know for sure, why it took SO MUCH time at the kitchen? Was it because I washed, I peeled, I chopped, I seasoned, I cooked, I fried, I baked, I washed, I dried, I blended…..?! Oh yeah, maybe because of that. But seriously, now I wondering how Ibu-ibu warteg cooked and for how long?? They have to prepared a lot of stuffs and cooks every single day.. Anyhow, the menu was: Nasi Uduk and Nasi kuning and the sides, gado-gado, Soto Padang, and Pempek, quiche, mac and cheese, and agar-agar for dessert. Sounds simple isn’t? So WHY 9 godly hours?!

IMG_5822 IMG_5826

Regardless of how painful the cooking experience to me, I was really grateful for the syukuran… Actually, at first I was a little nervous, because one of the family couldn’t come (they actually are my reason to have this syukuran thing, because this would be their last 2 months in the US), but in the end the event was rather successful as it is more intimate, so I got a chance to talk a little more longer and deeper with the moms (especially).

IMG_5800 IMG_5815 IMG_5894Thank you for all the families that gather and share stories. For the laugh and inspirations. It was indeed a really nice day for us, I haven’t had a big laugh for a very long time (I had every now and then with Ara and the boys, but it was different kinda laugh when you shared stories and gossips with other girl friends). Thanks to Uni Olla, Mba Lia, Uda Lino, Mas Alfa, Faris, Danis, and Jaffa for that… And of course for Papa Ara, Azka and Khalif for giving me some space on Saturday so I could peacefully cooking without any interruption or distraction.

IMG_5919 IMG_5901

And how beautiful to see the teenage kids these days without any gadgets (even those game consoles and tablet!), I love to see Faris and Danis, they’re just like Azka and Khalif (2 years apart), and both are really polite and lovely. Great at science, guitar, tennis, and cooking. And Jaffa, oh Jaffa, is my favorite girl… She’s very good at playing guitar and swimming, she’s really smart, kind, innocent, pretty, .. I just love her, and I do hope one day I could have a chance to be a mother of one greatest daughter. Finger crossed.

IMG_5983 IMG_5933 IMG_5876 IMG_5889 IMG_5892 IMG_5873 IMG_5925 IMG_5938 IMG_5868Thank you for everything all…! Until we meet again… Soon!


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