Happiness is….

Here are the list of happiness, lately…

  1. The day when (you are very tired and) your husband came home early
  2. Spending a beautiful springtime weather at the park
  3. And decided to bring our dinner outside at the picnic table
  4. And when you see above you, you could see the fluttering clouds of pink that came from the cherry blossoms
  5. And when the wind breeze, you could see the pink and white petals fell down, showering just like the snowfall on winter
  6. You even have the soundtrack on your mind when it happens… At this time being, it’s Coldplay’s Magic that keep on repeating in your head
  7. When your son picked you some flowers, and told you that “This is for you, Ibu”
  8. When your kid handed some dandelions and asked you to blow it
  9. Seeing your kids are digging and shoveling dirt happily with sunflower seeds
  10. Climbing on any trees without have to worry that there are ants or bugs biting on you
  11. Closing the day with smile and laughter and tiredness and bubble bath


I love being a mother.  there are constant learning curves and ups and downs, the most joyous moments and then some that aren’t so great. there are moments in the days where i wanna just go hide in my closet with a bowl of ice cream and sit in complete silence for a few hours away from them, but those moments never last long. I am a better person when i’m with my children.  That’s the honest truth. And i’m so thankful for that. – As quoted from Naomi.




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