Under The Magnolias

We had our family spring “photo session” last week – the day before Azka’s birthday. We just randomly passing through some potential locations nearby. Fortunately, just a few blocks from our apartment, we found this house with a big magnolia tree. And at the back of that house was an empty house, so it’s a perfect location since we don’t have anyone looking how weird this family took their pictures with timer and put the camera recklessly on top of their car. But of course, timer is always work good (with continuous shots) for a family picture. And I can’t help but falling in love with the result.., Not us, but the magnolia! It’s just perfectly bloomed and at their peak.


IMG_5625IMG_5583 IMG_55862 IMG_5620 IMG_5272 IMG_5573IMG_5672 Also, it was the best decision to took picture that day on that specific location, because four days after, the magnolias were already gone… Hope to see you next year, on your rebirth, dear magnolia.

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