Hello Again, Spring…!

It was the Easter weekend last week and followed with Patriot’s day today (also Boston Marathon 2014). Just wanna share some colors and happiness that the spring and chill-warm weather is finally here. Such a joyous moment just to see the blooming pink and white petals and yellow bushes. Even tough in Public Garden and Boston Common most of the trees hasn’t bloomed yet, but the presence of white and pink Magnolia and some cherry blossoms are sure make the loveliest sight. So during the walk from Boston Common – Back Bay – Esplanade – Beacon Hill – North End in Boston I took several (hundreds, haha) of pictures. I had time to relax and enjoying my bahn mi in the side of Charles River with fellow people who’s basically sleeping and just laying there enjoying the il fait beau kinda day.



IMG_4504Charles River/ Esplanade:IMG_4489

IMG_4487IMG_4493IMG_4500And the walk to Beacon Hill is just made my day! Been here for several times before, but never on spring day. From Wiki: Beacon Hill is predominantly residential, known for old colonial brick row houses with “beautiful doors, decorative iron work, brick sidewalks, narrow streets, and gas lamps”. Its residents have access to a private park and live in “magnificent Greek Revival townhouses.”. And I finally found Acorn Street, that often mentioned as the “most frequently photographed street in the United States.” It is a narrow lane paved with cobblestones that was home to coachmen employed by families in Mt. Vernon and Chestnut Street mansions.


Have a lovely week everyone…!

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