Brattle Book Shop

Two months ago, Cinta tagged me in Pinterest about a bookshop called “Brattle Book Shop” which located in 9 West Street in Boston. The picture looked very interesting, as it is not a regular bookshop, it is an outdoor used book store. Humph, how could I didn’t know about this place?! Considering the location is very near from Downtown Crossing and in Boston Common area which are the place that I always visited if I go to Boston. So last Saturday, when the weather is just too beautiful to be spent just for 1 or 2 hour outside, I decided to skipped the family volunteer activity that I already planned since two months ago (because I know, after the volunteer everybody will get tired and sleep the rest of the afternoon and missed the nice spring day outside) .Papa Ara and the kids glad of the idea that they don’t have to volunteer that morning (sigh), and let me go easily to have my me time when I said “I think I want to go to Boston, is that okay..?”; they were like… “Oookkaayy…. Dagh Ibuuu…!”.


Brattle Book Shop is one of America’s oldest and largest used book shops. The Brattle features two floors of general used books, a third floor of rare & antiquarian books and an outside sale lot.  I didn’t see the third floor…! I even didn’t see any stairs to the third floor. D’oh. But I enjoyed the outdoor lot a bit too much..! Love the ambiance in there, and the books price is relatively cheap too, around $1-5 bucks. Anyhow, I’m so into the outdoor lot (like everyone else) and I’m obsessed with that mural on the wall:

IMG_4588 IMG_4575 IMG_4579IMG_4576

I got myself Sherlock Holmes book, as I’m hooked with the movie serial for the past week and watched every single night at Netflix. Yeap, I’m officially a fangirl of Sherlock and Benedict Cumberbatch now. Hehe.



Second Floor:


Will certainly go back here again, since Azka asked me when I go back home: “Ibu, why don’t you buy me any books?”. Whoops…! They have a nice old collection of children books in there, I was looking for one or two for Azka and Khalif, but maybe I want them to come here too one day and choose the books themselves.

IMG_4583 IMG_4585

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