Fitter, Happier

I’m fully realized that our family need to spend more time doing some body (and mind) exercise. It’s been a long pause since my last yoga, jogging and zumba, and swimming for the kids, and running and futsal for Ara. We definitely has to do something with this good habit and make it as our everyday lifestyle. Last year, I enrolled Azka for YMCA member all year long – and we ended up could only made 4 times in the entire year for swimming. Four times out of 365 days?! Yeah, we’re as lazy as that (not proud). I couldn’t be more despondent and yet couldn’t do anything how to fix this. But I promise myself, when Azka turned 4 next month, I will be more discipline for his swimming routine no matter how tired I am or busy (or lazy).

As a starter for the new beginning and to embrace the spring spirit, our family just started a new habit that hopefully can be routinely kept for as long as possible: 1 hour walk or family outing every Saturday and it has to be done by the four of us. Usually, I let Ara enjoyed his Saturday/ Sunday staying at home all the time while I go out for an hour or two just for having a good long walk by myself. But lately, noticing the few kilograms keep on adding up in Ara’s weight, I have to really push him do some exercise. If running or swimming sounds “too hard” for him, maybe walk together could be a good starting point.  And we did…! Though after the walk he and the kids seemed very tired (Azka keep saying “Ibu, my feet is pegel, tolong pijetin” and “My feet is very tired”, hahah). Little steps y’all..! We can do it together..! 😀

The first walk, we did around 30 minutes walk plus playground time -which sum up around 1 hour “exercise”. Not bad. We just went half-way of Buttonwood Park:

IMG_4172 IMG_4141 IMG_4116

The second walk is actually a light trekking in Parsons Reserve Dartmouth, we were there with a group from DNRT and went to Vernal Pool. This activity actually intended for family with kids to do some kind of Habitat Hunting and in touch with the nature. This is Azka and Khalif first trekking, both were having a good time – though on the way back to parking lot Azka wanted me to hold him all the time -__-” (which of course I refused by keep on walking ahead of him several steps).

IMG_4395Spotted Salamander (died)

IMG_4386Vernal Pool

IMG_4388Salamander Eggs



IMG_4360Let’s hunt!

IMG_4357Forget to bring his cap, he said ‘Silau Ibu!” and use his umbrella instead :I

IMG_4371 IMG_4405Khalif with Daffodil fields which hasn’t bloomed yet

IMG_4377Spotted some snakes (they’re pretty safe)


And after that we had our lunch by picnic in the Town Landing/ playground nearby;


Can’t wait for the next Saturday…! We planned to do some volunteer with Operation Clean Sweep. Hopefully the weather is good and we can walk and volunteer at the same time…!


2 thoughts on “Fitter, Happier

  1. envy banget di sana banyak tempat untuk jalan yang asik dan indah ya…di jakarta playground aja mesti bayar, walaupun sekarang udah banyak taman2 yg diperbaiki 🙂

    1. Huhuw,iya kebayang biaya maintenance playground tsb mgkn mahal ya, sampai kudu bayar. Kalo tinggal di Bandung bisa lebih banyak pilihan outdoor activity yang ga kalah menarik – dan ada komunitasnya juga yang suka bikin acara outing macam gini 🙂

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