Plate Walls


If you visit our apartment, the first thing that you would notice probably is our walls – that fully decorated with stuffs: pictures, paintings, postcards, kids’ arts, page from magazines – in every room. Sometimes it could be “too much” – I know:

IMG_3454 IMG_3404 IMG_2772I like them all, but after almost three years looking at the same thing, I started to feel bored. So, I decided to sell some of the paintings and pictures – alas, buy a new one. This time I really want to redecorate our dining room and been looking for inspirations in Pinterest for months. And my heart fell into plate walls…! I always love plates and we have bunch of them at home, because every time I went to flea or yard sale, I always ended up to buy some cute-looking plates. But when it came to decorate, sometimes I could be really picky. Thus, the plate hunting began. I really expect to get lots of plates from the flea market that I usually went to (trying to be thrifty here). But after thrift-hopping and didn’t find what I’m looking for, I gave up and went to IKEA instead. There, I got some pretty Trendig designs (for $2.99 each) and to Marshalls where I got some nice Turkey calligraphy-look decoration plates ($4.99) – not as cheap as I wanted it to be, but I heart them. I want to put more, but let’s stick with that for now.


These are some of the inspirations (all images are directly linked to the source):


Questions: How to hang those plates?

They have a special plate wire hanger (come with different sizes) that people use in the old days, but I’ve read some reviews saying that it won’t do good to the plates. So I bought this adhesive plate hangers instead. It is good but it’s damn expensive! So I try a thrifty way to do it: by using a very strong adhesive glue (E-6000) and a paper clip! This genius credit belongs to one blogger momma – you can take a look step by step from here. Just remember, you have to wait 24 hour before you hang the plates after you applied the glue, otherwise it won’t work…! I was impatient, so after 2 hours I hung the turkey plates…..and it FELL down! Good thing is, it wasn’t broke (phew…). Lesson learned, I waited 24 hours – and voila…! After two months, they still stay strong (and I hope for years). Oh, another tip: make sure you put the paperclip in the direction that you want it to be, otherwise it looked like mine: not straight -___-” and the Turkeys plates, by my mistakes – I didn’t put the paperclip in the middle of the plate, so it looked not as pretty as it should be.

IMG_29321 IMG_2933Next! Redecorating our “study room”!

4 thoughts on “Plate Walls

    1. You’re welcome..! I’m not suggesting to use a big-heavy-expensive plates for this frugal way, but if you find a small or light cute plate, try to use the clip and glue-way, I’m sure it will work just fine…!

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