Dyed Pastas and Colored Rice

Azka and Khalif loooooove to play with their rice box – they use it for everything: pretending that they’re cooking (I gave them some cooking utensils), put in the jars, play with their dump trucks, etc. But never crossed my mind that I actually could colored them – until I saw Reti’s Instagram. So, I made one – and I thought, why not doing the same to the pastas? Pastas have lots of shapes which make it interesting. Thanks to creative moms in Pinterest and Blogosphere, I could find many related posts about this. I love the pastas, we can also use it for the kids gross motor skills by making a necklace out of it, and with all the colors, it makes the activity even extra fun…! This activity is so simple, there’s no excuse why not doing it…! PLUS it makes the kids stay focus with for 45 minutes or so… We’re talking about a 21 months and 3.5 y.o in here, I KNOW…right! Sensory play is fun 🙂

I have a step by step picture of it – but sadly, either Azka or Khalif deleted all the pictures from my camera. Oh well, you could always Google it. Enjoy! More tips in here and here.

pastariceDSCN2130 DSCN2873 DSCN2893 DSCN2948DSCN2906

8 thoughts on “Dyed Pastas and Colored Rice

  1. aduhh azka kenapa dihapus tante kan mau lihat cara ibu bikinnya hahaha aku belom pernah kepikiran bikin beginian loh, thanks for sharing chicha 🙂 lumayan buat ide main sama biyyu

    1. Haha iya nih aku udah foto step by step padahalll huhuhu – gpp khan banyak di interner xD Selamat bermain Ibu Tia… Hati2 kalo ga diawasi ntar Biyyu bisa sebar2 bs ke seluruh pelosok ruangan -___- (it happened yesterday, berantaaakan bangettt)

  2. Been keeping this question for long time, baru keinget lagi buat nanya: mbak motret pake kamera apa sih? Bagus gitu, tajem… trus pake diedit sebelum diupload ga?

    1. Hehe, iya ini pake camera Canon DSLR keluaran thn 2009 – D1000 – diedit pake PicMonkey. Ada juga yang pake camera pocket canon. yang ga terlalu canggih tapi lumayan bagus hasilnya ELPH 130

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