Listen, The Snow Is Falling


It’s almost a month since my last post – and I didn’t complete the #30tulisan challenge. I forgive myself for the lack of commitment and ability to consistently able to write and post daily to my blog. You know, from time to time I’d like to give myself a break from social media, including blogging – That is when I became too obsessed with ‘likes’, ‘loves’, or stats hit / or when I can’t wait to post something in my blog for the sake that I want to bragging about my last trip to Montreal (fyi, it didn’t happened)/ or when I want to show off my selfie with my new Balenciaga bag  (that’s of course didn’t happened too)/ or the time that I realize I did something just to please others or want their attentions/ or the time when I realized I write or post in a not sincere way …. That’s the time I knew that I need a break. Luruskan niat: aku menulis untuk apa? 

So I did, it wasn’t a 5 months break like last year, but it’s pretty much a relieved for 1 week not posting and checking anything on Instagram and Path- and 3 weeks in this blog. I could focus myself to something else, my hobby, more circle time with the kids, decluttering our apartment, more time in the kitchen, though (sadly) not so much time with the books – but more time in front of the screen and leisure myself catching up with some good music, TEDX inspiring sessions, and some movie trailers (yeah, trailers first, full-length can wait), and if the weather permitted I’d love to do some physical exercise or just a quiet time with yoga or pilates. Wait for me spring!


Anyhow, this winter -just like the previous years- gave me extra burden by long hours staying at home, plus the kids were not feeling well for 3 weeks, papa went home late (not complaining, I’m a fully supportive wife, love you Papa, semangat!); sure we have a lot of things and activities to do at home, but sometimes what a mother really needs is a 5 minutes peaceful moments for herself. When I said 5 minutes, I actually meant at least 2 hours. But if 2 hours too much, gave me 5 minutes, that’s the amount of sanity I need. Curcol much? I’m sorry.


Apart from that, I can say that I’m happy to see all the whimsical beauty of winter wonderland that all the snow storms brought so far…. It took my breath away (literally) by capturing these, and it was my first thing to do in the morning after the storm. It’s the moment to remember and it was one of the best 45 minutes ‘me time’ so far. This one taken around my neighborhood 5- 10 minutes walk, simple things that caught my eyes. Snow is very exhilarating.

IMG_1660 IMG_1690 IMG_1675 IMG_1665 IMG_1636 IMG_1631 IMG_1616 IMG_1606 IMG_1635 IMG_1705 IMG_1672

Subhannallah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.  As I’m writing this the snow is falling all over again… It’s just so pretty, me and Ara couldn’t stop saying “Bagus banget ya…”. Listen, the snow is falling over town. Listen, the snow is falling everywhere. Between your bed and mine. Between your head and my mind. Between Tokyo and Paris. Between London and Dallas. Between your God and mine. John Lennon and Yoko Ono- Listen, The Snow Is Falling.

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