Winter Storm Janus

Another winter storm that hit Midwest to East Coast, including New England areas. It wasn’t as bad as the first Polar Vortex that happened two weeks earlier, but still leave a trace of 8-12 inches of snow and dropped temperature around -14C in New Bedford. These pictures are taken at the afternoon after the storm, all taken in South End of New Bedford. I was obsessed with pile of snow on the rock, such a sight!

IMG_1225 IMG_1224 IMG_1232IMG_1229 IMG_1251 IMG_1223

I actually feel guilty when I took and posted these pictures. I know that some of my relatives, friends, and many people in Indonesia right now is facing a major disaster by flooding in Jakarta, Bandung, Manado, Pamanukan, and other areas that I don’t know. Also people in Sinabung which currently facing difficulties with their temporary camp-site and lack of foods related to the active volcanoes… My minds, pray, and thoughts are with them. I really hope everything will be gradually better and all right in there. I remember back in 2000-2009 when I lived in Jakarta, I had to deal with the flooding every single year… Pulomas is one of the “langganan” area, my family dealt with no electricity, hundreds books and items are broken because of the flood, not to mention the energy of moving the furniture from the first to the second floor, and I couldn’t express how uncomfortable the time when the flood is finally over and we had to cleaning up the mess and dealing with hundreds of flying cockroach and debris. Right now in US, my little family facing a different kind of ‘disaster’, a storm that the aftermath could be celebrated with sledding, making snowman, or at least good for sightseeing. In some part, I am thankful but on the other hand I feel kinda selfish that I feel ‘grateful’.

IMG_1286 IMG_1256 IMG_1254 IMG_1249 IMG_1213

I believe that after the storm or disaster, something good would come up. I pray for you, my families in Indonesia.


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