Keeping Up with The Winter

Today we decided to stay at home instead of going to Family Center for “Recycle Seminar” kinda thing. Winter makes the kids lazy to go out, maybe because the hassle of layered-up or probably based on my observation lately, they tend to “follow” their Papa who always prefer to be at home rather than going out. This is actually good for me and my escape plan during weekend, the kids just easily release me without too much battle. But during the weekdays, especially when the temperature is warmer than the usual (15 degree Celsius in January is like “wooohooo”), I would love to go out.

Of course the kids win, I always feel guilty whenever I see Azka’s puppy face (“Cape Ibu, mau di rumah ajaaaa”), so I don’t want to rush them for the sake of being ‘out’. So, let’s do something crafty kids…! See those broken crayon, and recyclable bunch of papers, milk’s carton, and plastic containers in the blue bin? Get some of it, and choose what kind of activities that you want – as I pointed to Azka some pictures in Pinterest. Here what we made:

1. Recycling Old Crayons. This is a very easy and fun activity: gather old broken crayons that your child won’t need or hard to use because it’s too short. Use a silicon muffin cups and ‘bake’ in the 275F preheated oven for 30 minutes. The time is vary, but mine got melted around 25-30 minutes. After that just cool-off to be solid again. The result is a cute colorful of crayons ‘cupcake’; you can use it again as a crayon or leave it like that for decoration. And if you have other silicon shapes like: stars, leaves, trees, etc… That would make more amazing result!


This one from other blog (directly linked):

2. Milk Carton Dump Truck. Azka initially pick this craft outta milk carton, because he loves dump truck. But I did most of the cutting things, he helped assembling the tape and parts. Not really smooth and neat, but hey! We’re reuse and recycling x)

PicMonkey Collage

3. Colors, Lights and Shadows. I love the color shadow and the kids really enjoying pouring the food coloring liquid. Sadly we’re out of stock for all primary colors; only a little yellow and green that only creates the shades of green colors (lime, apple, grass, etc). Later on I hope we could do this again and talk more about the science behind.

IMG_1033 IMG_1041 IMG_1057

4. Around The World With Friends. I want my kids to explore as many places as they could when they grow up, and learn about their own cultures as well as other cultures – and take what is good and leave what is bad. And I never been good at geography, I wish I could learn about it in more excitement when I was young – doing this activity as if we’re traveling somewhere with friend and look up the location at the globe and read about that specific tradition in one country, could be one way to introduce them about multicultural world that we live in. How to play? Just grab a postcard, tell them about the stories, who is the sender, where was she, look up at the globe, tell what continent, see more about that country in the book, or you can also draw a flag, learn how to count in one’s language. The possibilities is endless!

IMG_5292 IMG_5294IMG_5296

5. Memory Game. I got this idea from Uie’s blog a while ago. And to be honest this activity had been done on summer instead on winter, hehe. But in the spirit of recycling old cardboard, we can make this game. Let’s the kids choose what shapes do they want to memorize and choose the colors of each. Mom does all the cutting. It’s fun activity! Maybe I should make more of this as this is too easy for Azka (but a bit hard for Khalif, as he kept on scattered the pieces).

IMG_5306 IMG_5309 IMG_5310

Will make more crafty activities next week….! Bear with me winter!

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