A Sledding We Will Go…!

IMG_0826The morning after snowstorm. 12 inches of snow. -20 deg Celcius.

What’s the first thing that come up to your mind when you hear the word snow or snowing? I guess the top of mind would be: Make a snowman! Go ice skating! Skiing! Make snow angel…! Make snowballs and snow-fighting with your beloved ones, or find a slope and go sledding! And after that probably we could warm up inside the house, heat up the warmer and sip a cup of hot chocolate top with marshmallows and have some homemade cookies to pair with. Oh quelle vie!


But the reality is, after my fourth winter in here…. I never at once did any of that things – those things that I actually pictured long time ago before we moved to the States. And also, every winter our area got series of major storm, like 2012 Frankenstorm Sandy (it’s not on winter, but I’ll just put it because it was one of the major storm in the history of this nation that caused a lot of loss) or 2013 blizzard Nemo. The recent one that just hit Midwest and Northeast part of United States was on Thursday to Friday morning on January 2 – 3 2014. It was a snowstorm Hercules and followed by a polar vortex. Polar vortex, as one meteorologist calls it, was expected to send cold air piled up at the North Pole down to the U.S., funneling it as far south as the Gulf Coast and driving temperatures below freezing for most of the nation. In New Bedford itself, the temperature was as low as -20C (yes MINUS twenty) and with the windchill it felt like -32C. One could easily get frostbite if they don’t wear a proper layered wardrobe when going out.

IMG_0840Layered and wear parachute as an outer and wool inner. You should even cover your face too, because the wind was freezing cold.

The day after the snowstorm, Friday it is, was a good day to play outside, it was still very cold though: -14 C to be precise. Crazy cold. Me and Azka decided to spent our 30 minutes that morning in an ambition to make a snowman. BUT WHOA, it wasn’t easy at all – and we need to be patience and spent longer time to make one. We initially gave up after less than 1 minutes trying just to make a very small snowball.

IMG_0866Not a good one. But trust me, it was a snow angel. Haa.


And today we decided to go sledding at Potato Hill in Westport. It was just 23 minutes worth-driving from our place and open free to public! Mba Lia told me about this place the day before, but because one and another silly reasons (that I feel so unimportant to mention in here, because it was too ridiculous) we couldn’t join them that day. So on Sunday, we decided to go there with Satrio. It was a crazy fun thing to do. I would highly recommend everybody to do snow SLEDDING once in their life. I couldn’t stop screaming and laughing at the same time – I guess my endorphin level was really high.

IMG_0889 IMG_0912

We only have on sled which is a saucer type  a round sled curved like a contact lens made from plastic. The cheapest we could get at Christmas Tree Shop. So we took turn – and each of us tried 4 times sled. I want moooooreeee…! But the kids couldn’t wait any longer – probably cold and hungry. Not a good combination for them, eh?

IMG_0897 IMG_0931

There are many kinds of sleds, but some that popular for recreational purpose are Toboggan; an elongated sled without runners, usually made from wood or plastic; Inflatable sled or tube, a plastic membrane filled with air to make a very lightweight sled; And foam slider, a flat piece of durable foam with handles and a smooth underside (from Wiki).

IMG_0919The tube is very popular!

Azka closed his eyes during his second-time sledding. We thought he was scared. Later on he said it wasn’t because he scared… But because the snow splashed into his eyes.


This video wasn’t taken by me and taken a long time ago. But for friends who want to go there, just take a look this video and tell me how fun is that…!

More places around New Bedford that are good for sledding is in here – taken from newbedfordguide.com:

Potato Hill in Westport (4)
Status: Open for all; put 43 Hix Bridge Rd, Westport in the GPS. It is just next to the winery vineyard.

New Bedford Country Club Golf Course (3) – 585 Slocum Road
Status: Some report that the gold course does NOT allow sledding.

Clasky Common Park in New Bedford (2) – Purchase Street
Status: Open for all

Hill behind Wilks library, inside Brooklawn Park in New Bedford (2) – 1997 Acushnet Avenue
Status: Open for all

Whaling City Country Club (2) – 581 Hathaway Road
Status: Open for all

Kennedy Park in Fall River (2)
Status: Open for all.

Fort Tabor – South Rodney French Boulevard
Status: Open for all. Will have to pay for parking.

The old drive-in in Fairhaven
Status: Open for all.

Rochester behind the gas station on Route 18 across from Dunkin’ Donuts
Status: Open for all.

Sledding at the Westport Rivers Vineyard – 417 Hixbridge Road
Status: Open for all.

Across from the Freetown fire station
Status: Open for all.

Hill Street in Padanaram
Status: Open for all.

North Park (7 hills) in Fall River
Status: Open for all.

Behind the Dartmouth Middle School/Town Hall
Status: Open for all.


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