Early November


Early days in November marked with a terribly cloudy, windy and rainy days in New Bedford  – I know it’s just the 5th day of November and I better not complaining too much about the weather since it will get a lot worst in the wintertime. The daylight saving time also pretty much confusing the kids, especially after nap time, when it usually still bright outside but now it looked like 7 PM while it’s still 5 PM. We’re working to get used to it.

The morning madness continues and has gotten crazier, because Azka refused to go to school lately – last week I let him not, but this week I have to push him hard and I have to make a good reasons why he has to, like, “Azka, banyak anak kepengen sekolah, tapi gak bisa… Ini Azka udah dikasih banyak kemudahan dan dapat sekolah yang bagus, ayo dong nak, semangat ke sekolahnya….”, which I’m sure Azka only heard barely half of the part that I’m saying  (Zzzz…). I hate the fact that I have to pushing him, because he’s just too little and I understand that pushing him to go to school might not give a good impact to him in the later life; I want him to feel the excitement of going to school and not stressed about it. I asked him, “Kenapa ga mau sekolah“, he answered “I’m bored”. Hfftt – and I know it’s not true, because when I clarify this to his teachers, Mrs.C and Mrs. D said that “Malik has been doing very well in class….! And we’ve been very busy lately with projects, gyms, and all… Maybe he just prefer to stay at home with this kind of weather”. Yeah, I know it, can’t blame him for that. Let’s just hope he will gradually get used with the season’s changed and get that excitement again for school.

Anyway, my pictures folder is about to exploded anytime soon -with all the pics I took lately (most of it are leaves and tress, haha I’m such a sucker of autumn). I better shared some of the worth-remembering moments from last week in here:

IMG_8226Cookie Monster munching cookies, of course

IMG_8236Got his first “trick or treat” on Halloween from our neighbor 

IMG_8308Had a good time with scooter anytime, anywhere

IMG_8294Stay a bit longer, will you?

IMG_8285Massachusetts-proud, The Red Sox won their first championship at home in 95 years, defeating the St. Louis Cardinals in six games. Congrats!!

IMG_8270 Back to our Friday morning routine to story hour in National Park, here in their fav. spot

We didn’t make it to go to Salem last weekend, so just sightseeing in Dartmouth and happy to see this beautiful salt marsh ecosystem. From Wikipedia, A salt marsh is a coastal ecosystem in the upper coastal intertidal zone between land and open salt water or brackish water that is regularly flooded by the tides. It is dominated by dense stands of salt-tolerant plants such as herbs, grasses, or low shrubs. These plants are terrestrial in origin and are essential to the stability of the salt marsh in trapping and binding sediments. Salt marshes play a large role in the aquatic food weband the delivery of nutrients to coastal waters. They also support terrestrial animals and provide coastal protection.





And after that, the kids were wide awake – we decided to stop by at Russells Mill Landing playground:











And I’m proud of myself, despite a very cold and cloudy Sunday morning, I did my “20 minutes of Happiness” by went for 2 hour a walking and jogging last Sunday (trust me, half of the time I used for sight-seeing and leaf-picking and photographing of course, hee). It was a good ‘me time’, I should do that more often and make it as a whole family new Sunday morning routine. We’ll see…!








This one is from today. Morning drop-off and pick-up to Azka’s school. The boys just got their new parka jackets the night before, and I couldn’t wait until winter for them to wear it. While I took some pics at the school’s playground, there was this fourth-grader walked and gave us such a irritable look, he said “I think you’re overdressed for winter”, BAHAHHAHA, siall….! You know what, I don’t care as long as they’re comfortable with it and my pics looked nice 😛





Have a nice rest of the week, people…!


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