Go outside – Happiness is Maximized at 13.9°C

I have bunch of simple lists that I want to do at least once a year, i.e:  watch the sunrise in South End of New Bedford ( I’m not a morning person, I woke up daily at 7 AM –  with my dearest living alarm: Azka), have a morning walk at the nearest park, afternoon jogging near Papa’s office (it has the best view of Buzzard Bay), star-gazing in one of those summer days,  or as simple as having a breakfast in the nearest diner in town. Apparently I have no priority for doing that – meaning, in the morning I’m occupied with household chores and the kids (breakfast..! school’s drop-off ! bubble-bath! brush-your-teeth-war, circle time…! pick-up time ! laundry time…! Yup, that morning madness). But last Monday, I know that I JUST had to do a morning walk – because Azka was at school, Khalif was in a good mood (he was sleepy actually) and the weather was just perfect with 13 – 14 C; and actually, it is perfect backed by science.


The title in this post is taken from here, I like the article, and I will quote step no. 5 : In The Happiness Advantage, Shawn Achor recommends spending time in the fresh air to improve your happiness: Making time to go outside on a nice day also delivers a huge advantage; one study found that spending 20 minutes outside in good weather not only boosted positive mood, but broadened thinking and improved working memory. A UK study from the University of Sussex also found that being outdoors made people happier: Being outdoors, near the sea, on a warm, sunny weekend afternoon is the perfect spot for most. The American Meteorological Society published research in 2011 that found current temperature has a bigger effect on our happiness than variables like wind speed and humidity, or even the average temperature over the course of a day. It also found that happiness is maximized at 13.9°C, so keep an eye on the weather forecast before heading outside for your 20 minutes of fresh air.

brainI got 1.5 hour walk – much needed!





This sleepy boy here was crying out loud on the way back home. I kept myself cool as I don’t want to ruin my zen mood. After a while (10 minutes), he fell asleep – and pretty pleased by the warmth of October sky.


IMG_9510We could take a peek of Buttonwood Zoo farm animals




And on our way back to pick up Azka, we also had a chance to look closer for some of the neighborhood’s Halloween decorations. Some are creeeeeppyy and some are nice.













Happy Halloween and stay healthy (mentally and physically, hoho)…!

2 thoughts on “Go outside – Happiness is Maximized at 13.9°C

  1. Uuunn, SERU BANGET sihhh suasana Halloween disana! bener2 niat banget dekorasi rumah2nya! disini mah emg kerasa juga suasana Halloween cuma ga sampe yang pada ngedekor rumah dan pumpkin bertebaran di taman gituu huhuu. Autumn disana juga asa lebih bagus daripada disini *sirik*. Anyway, happy Halloween! hihihiihi

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