Pick Your Own Pumpkins….!


If you know me well enough, you would realize that most of my pictures are either taken in the playgrounds, parks, libraries, beaches, farms, or farmers’ market. I love the idea of visiting a place that doesn’t require money for us to enjoy. Even though when you go to malls or any department stores, you could always sight-seeing for free, but little chance that you might buy one or two not-so-important things from there (because there’s clearance happening, or maybe that shoes looked too cute to be missed – even the size didn’t fit you, yada yada !And you ended up spent $50 for that not-so-important thingies ). So, going to those public places, require little consumerism activity, or even if you spend a lot… It’s GOOD..! Because the cash will go directly to yours truly local farmers or merchants.

Today we decided to do some autumn fun activity….! Yup, we went to Keith’s Farm in Acushnet to do some pick your own pumpkins and apple-picking. At first, I wanted to go to “The GREAT PUMPKINS HARVESTING Festival” in Silverbrook Farm, Acushnet – but we have to pay $14 per person (kids under 2 is free), the admission also good for all the activities in the farm: pumpkin coloring, hayride, pony ride, story-telling, etc.  But I don’t need the rest of the activities, because my main only intention are just visiting the pumpkin patch and apple orchard.

Then off we go to the farm: me, Azka, Mba Lia and Jaffa. The last two people are our new Indonesian family. Mba Lia’s husband, Mas Alfa, is a lecturer in UMassD – and Jaffa is their 10 y.o sweet daughter that Azka really love to play with. This family inspired us (me and Ara) a lot (that also change a bit of our future plan) and I’m so grateful that I finally have an Indonesian mom friend in here….!  *ibu-ibu curhat mode*.

IMG_9721This is Jaffa…! Azka’s new big sister 🙂

Back to the Keith’s Farm. I just can’t believe that I never been to Acushnet before…! All this time I only went to Dartmouth and Westport farms, never in Acushnet. I would recommend this place to any family that like to do some fun summer or fall outdoor activities.

IMG_9680The $2.50 Hayride – so fun!

IMG_9655On the hayride

IMG_9693You want to be a scarecrow, Azka?

Too bad I had to leave Khalif at home with Papa. Papa couldn’t go this time because on Monday and Tuesday he will have his PhD comprehension test…! Big day for him. Also, I wasn’t sure about bring two boys at a time, and it’s the best decision – because the weather was verrrryy windy and cold ( I love it tho’!)

IMG_9715Super excited seeing all those pumpkins scattered in the pumpkin patch

IMG_9729Way too excited…!

IMG_9719Messy hijab means that you were too busy having fun and taking care of the unstoppable 3 y.o boy!!

After pick your own pumpkin (that only cost 60 cents per lb), we went to the apple orchards to do apple-picking. The last time I went to do this was in Batu, Malang with AyBun and my siblings back in 2004. So, after 9 years…. I did it again, this time in Massachusetts…! Hehe *info tambahan yang super ga penting*


One thing that keep me a headache, this boy here knows no fear. He just kept going and going without awareness of his surrounding. Always driving me crazy. Zzzzz.

IMG_9781And I went up too, these apples smell really fresh and REAL…!

About Keith’s Farm: Located in 1149 Main St, Acushnet, MA. Keith’s Farm is a long time family business and offers a wide selection of the best produce and strawberries for miles around. In the spring, summer and fall, the farm stand is a showcase for all of their fresh farm-grown seasonal fruits, vegetables and plants. During the winter, they offer a wide selections of holiday trees grown for years to achieve their beauty and hardiness. I would certainly back for strawberry’s pick your own and exploring the corn maze next year…!

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