Children’s Museum Week

I want to spoiled the boys – and the best place to stay cool is to play indoor, so last week we visited three of the children’s museums nearby : Easton, Providence, and Boston….! We’ve been to Providence (January 2012) and Boston Children’s (December 2010) before, but it was the first time for Easton.

Easton is located in Eastern Massachusetts and can be reached within 40 minutes from our home. The main purpose to visited Easton was to get some donated books for Books for Indonesia – the non profit organization that I currently working on voluntarily. So after picked up the books ( thank you our kind donors), we went directly to the museum that was once a fire house (Azka was very excited about this!). The museum is very small and doesn’t look like a museum – more like a big indoor playground- and plus not so many kids when we get there. BUT surprisingly, the kids loving it….! Even compare to the bigger ones in Providence and Boston, Azka kept talking about the one in Easton. You know why? Yep, because there was a small fire truck, train, and space shuttle – even jus the decent ones. Beside the indoor, the museum also has an outdoor park to explore. The regular admission for Chidren’s Museum in Easton is $7.50  for >12 months – adult.




Next,we went to Providence with Artworks playgroup. So, yeayy free….!  :p  (regular admission is $9 for >12 months – adult). We just stay for 1 hour – and half of the time, I have to keep my eyes for Azka who’s keep running around and out of my sight really quick *sigh. Anyhow, the boys really had a good time playing with the construction vehicles and water ways. There are many things to explore though, but 1 hour is just too short.





Last but not least, Boston Children’s Museum. So, in Massachusetts – along this summertime, there’s a program called “FREE FUN FRIDAYS” where we can visit over 60 museums for free in the area. I’m always excited about this program. Last August 2 was free for Boston Children’s Museum, so we could have saved $56 for the 4 of us if we go there (regular admission is $14).


But… since it’s Friday and papa still working, we went there by Saturday. Still, using the museum pass from the library save 50% for the ticket (and luckily the didn’t count Khalif in, so we paid only $21 for 4 of us).







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