Weekend Lately

I’m not in the mood of sharing my thoughts lately – one thing for sure, I still can’t get over the fact that I couldn’t watch my favorite band in the world (a.k.a BLUR) live in concert in my hometown. Seriously, my heart broke – and I don’t know whether I can move on or not from this ilfil-nonton-konser-musik-kalau-belum-nonton-blur-konser syndrome :/ Anyhow, as the summertime approaching the weather can’t be more absurd than this: 22 C in a day and 8 C in another day. Sunny for two days and rainy/ thunderstorms for three days. Gee….

I don’t have anything interesting thing to share except that we’ve finally gave up Korean and Chinese foods at the time being – and lesson learned: you can’t fancy one particular kind of food in one time and  become too obsessed about it. This Korean foods fever also made me forgot about my vegetarian diet while I’m eating my Bulgogi and Tan Su Yuk vigorously. I don’t know that’s the right term or not….But you get the idea.

So instead, we’re trying something different this last two weeks, more local and American (and junk, greasy, and not healthy at all!) – all in New Bedford area!

1.Having brunch in a DINER. This Angelo’s Diner is only 5 minutes from our place, yet we never intrigued to try it until last week. The food is good (I can make it by myself at home!!), but…it really gave a different sensation to eat in a diner 🙂 1950s beibeh!

IMG_4175 IMG_4183



2. Having a scoop of Ice Cream; Dairy Maid is already open – means that springtime is almost over and summer is right around the corner. Embrace the ice cream season, everyone! It won’t last. Oh! This is my first ice cream after 8 months. Couldn’t taste any better!



3.  I haven’t found any donuts that have a better taste than J.Co – and living in New England where everyone digs Dunkin Donuts like crazy (like, you can always find people holding one donut in one hand and the other hand holds a DD coffee and in every 3 miles there’re either DD/ Honey Dew) , it’s hard to find donut that meet our taste bud: light, soft and not too sweet and greasy donuts. So when I found Ma’s Donut in North End (across the Wilks library); I was like, where have I BEEN this past 2.5 years?? D’oh. This place is open at 3 AM (yes, AM) and by 8 AM the donuts are gone!! People are queuing since 6 – 7 AM to get the #1 bestseller Glazed Donuts. We’re out of luck, so we only got the boston creme – and YES YES YES it’r really good! My advice, call them in advance, they would keep for you, even if you only order 1 donut. I love the customer-orientation spirit in here!


4. Finally, my first sushi in 3 years! We tried at Turks Seafood in Mattapoisett. It was $7 for 7 piece of sushi, I probably won’t buy it anymore (too expensive for student family, bahaha). The best thing of this place is that they have the fresh seafoods from local area. The restaurant and sushi bar seems nice, but we gotta have it for take-out because the kids were sleeping, so we ate it near the Silvershell Beach in Marion. As gloomy as it might look…



5. Had a dessert at Flour Girls Baking Company in Fairhaven – mini cupcakes for $1.5 each. The place looked nice but nothing special about the taste. I still prefer Georgetown Cupcakes, of course!


IMG_4351Yep, keep calm and eat cupcakes!

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