Mother’s Day

I must admit that I hate any “Hallmark” occasions like this (yesterday was Mother’s Day), because even for any good reason it won’t make any difference from any other days for me; sad but true. Even occasions like birthdays and anniversary are not that special too, because the only thing that make it special is just me and my effort to make it special – loh kok curhat sih cyiin, heheu. As for Mother’s Day, I kinda hope it’s the time when I could get a permission to go having back massage, french manicure, or doing moms things – you got the idea. But well, every time I think about spending  $40 only for 1 hr massage or $30 for making my nails looked beautiful for a couple of hours (trust me, as a stay at home mom with all the errands, the best way is to keep your nails short and not ‘fancy’) – I always negotiate with myself, let’s spend that money to something else that more long lasting (new baking trays, anyone?). Beginilah namanya juga keluarga mahasiswa beasiswaan, segala diirit-irit 😉

Anyway, yesterday I wasn’t in the mood of just staying at home – hellooooo, 20 degree C?? Picnic please? But that’s not the only reason, I really need to go out because if I’m not doing anything at home I’d most likely burst into tears because I kept thinking about my lost of Uci and my regrets for not saying goodbye.… And also because Azka was having his 3rd birthday on last Tuesday! I promised him to go to Boston Children’s Museum – but we couldn’t make it this week. So by 2 PM when the kids refused to had their nap and keep nagging me to accompany them playing, I said: “Ok, we’re going to park! Come on!!” – Papa Ara was fast asleep, I didn’t want to bother him since he looked a bit overwhelmed with his (another) deadline for the upcoming week. And that’s the story of how I celebrate my Mother’s Day with my littles.

IMG_0606Made this Sugarless Banana Bread for breakfast, half with chocolate chips and half not (for Khalif)

IMG_0610“A, bentar Ibu mau foto dulu” – *Kemudian dicoel kuenya*

IMG_3926The loveliest tree near the Buttonwood Park pond

IMG_3951I want to do picnic in here! Indah banget apalagi pas ketiup angin dan berguguran..


IMG_3942I. Just. Can’t. Get. Enough. Of. You.  (Baru menyadari kalau sama Khalif, gue mendadak dangdut, selalu menyapa dia dengan “Cintaku Khalif Arana”

TamanPose andalan. Haha.

IMG_4011The park was packed, we got cloudy and rainy on previous days 

IMG_4006Carousel ride at the Zoo, it was free that day (the zoo, not the carousel)

IMG_4043Could stand on his own for 15 secs!

IMG_3917Lirikan maut

IMG_4015Azka’s way to wake Khalif up (he was sleepy that noon)

IMG_39262In the evening we went back to the park, this time with Papa Ara – so we could do the photo ‘season’ for spring. But the result is blur…  heeeh.

IMG_3961 Happy Mother’s Day Mommies!

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