Daffodil Field


I was very intrigued to find this hidden gem when a local people that I followed in Instagram captured her picture surrounded by thousands of fully blooming Daffodil flowers. Since we don’t have Tulips in New England, so I guess Daffodil is the official flower of spring in here…! There are many types of Daffodils, apparently – Maybe I didn’t capture all of the varieties in the field. But let’s take a look which flower is which.

Although the terms Jonquil and Daffodil are often used interchangeably, jonquils are technically only one type of daffodil. Jonquils have one to five flowers per stem and are usually quite fragrant (damn, I didn’t smell the scent!):



 I believe this classic white-and-yellow variety below is calledJack Snipe’ – and offers fragrant blooms:


This one with white petals called ‘Canaliculatus’, an adorable miniature daffodil. This variety offers clusters of white and yellow fragrant flowers on each stem:


About the field: Given as a gift to the Dartmouth Natural Resources Trust (DNRT) by the owner of the property, the Daffodil Field take a little effort to find. Located in South Dartmouth just south of Russell’s Mills Village, off Horseneck Road, you have to park and then hike a short distance up the hill through the woods to find the mass of yellow flowers. You can park in Russell’s Mills Landing (the playground) and then walk north across the street to find an unmarked cattle gate. This is the entrance to the trail which leads west through Parsons Preserve; there’s a sign up in the tree. Make sure you follow the right path and see the blue and yellow mark on the tree if for some reason you get lost.

Apart from the otherworldly Daffodil Field, I did (yes just myself as the boys were having their nap with Papa in the car) a little walk at the forest. The forest full of fallen trees from previous Sandy hurricane and other seasonal storms – it’s not that kind of beautiful forest you would expect when you’re on a hiking, but nature is nature and it always give you something to just make you feel so paralyzed by its serenity and strength.  That sensation of even just did a little hiking with nothing but me and nature, it becomes easy to open my mind and think about my personal issues, people and events in my life. It’s a great opportunity to contemplate subjects and refreshing my mind. I’m thankful and grateful for this good life…. Alhamdulillah.








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