A Day In Bristol

If it’s not because of Gamelan Galaktika had a scheduled performance at Rogers Willliam University (RWU), maybe we won’t ever noticed the presence of Bristol town in Rhode Island – which is only 24 minutes from our place. Sadly, we didn’t make it to watch the Galaktika performance because we’re too busy exploring the town and playing in the park –  because good weather is hard to resist.


When we visited, it was a Daffodil Weekend, which means the blooming yellow flowers were fulfilling the town that has been known as the oldest parade of 4th of July in the States. We went to the Colt State Park, RWU (just strolling around hoping to find the place for Galaktika – but people had no idea where and what), the downtown – my favorite part of the town and so typical of other town in New England (maybe around US too): the post office, city hall, public library – all side by side. Not to be missed the antiques and souvenir merchants in Thames St.

IMG_3218Statue of John Chafee (Rhode Island’s 66th Governor). I love the words on the statue

Round about in Downtown – Hope St and State St




IMG_3293Rockwell Park

We love the Rogers Free Library, it’s so modern and spacious – as it’s just got renovated in 2008



IMG_3266Children’s section (obviously)

We had no idea where to go for lunch and rely on Yelp to see what’s good to eat. Wrong decision! Next time, if you go to some new place, just follow where the locals go…!

IMG_3248Sorry, but for a “ristorante” this pizza shrimp scampi at Leo’s is very disappointing

IMG_3340But got our mood fixed by chocolate cake at Beehive Cafe, worth the over priced slice

See you again, Bristol…!

IMG_3364Mount Hope Bridge ; linking Portsmouth, RI, to Bristol, RI with the view of Narraganset Bay and Mount Hope Bay

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