Pretty Gritty Suite

Today I got a chance to watch Complexions Contemporary Ballet performed at the Zeiterion Theater. The last time I watched ballet was in Kuala Lumpur back in 2006 (and it wasn’t contemporary, more to comedy ballet). So the opening show “Moon Over Jupiter” (2010)  that beautifully choreographed by Dwight Roden (the company’s founding Artistic Director) is a little bit too complex and preposterous for me (and Alda that accompanying me) to understand. This piece has a subtle sexuality that is an underlying tone throughout, the dancers never seemed to stop moving, the technique flawless, slides, turns and wonderful extensions it seem to highlight the strengths of each dancer personally with virtuosity of movements, slides, turns, lifts and daring moves.

The most satisfying experience was the smaller work in the second act. This New York-based company presented “Pretty Gritty Suite” (2004) which was more upbeat, lively and at times a bit whimsical. Each of the dancers revealed in quick solos and other combinations demonstrating their strengths in dance technique, personality and sexuality – the solo dance by Mr Desmon Richardson (also the artistic director) particularly impressive for its physical beauty and constructions. The music by Nina Simone makes the entire act catchy and exciting! This company of 17 dancers presents a very generous and exhausting evening of ballet/dance I’ve ever seen. Although I would have absorbed each dance more fully had there been fewer of them, I found this tour de force riveting. It showcased diverse choreographic styles danced by multicultural dancers.

Such a lovely Friday night to spend with.. Thank you Temple Landing and Z! for the free tickets – and of course to the Complexions Ballet for the magnificent performance! (all the pictures credits below are linked to their original URL’s)

Complexions Contemporary Ballet’s Norbert De La Cruz III and Tercell Waters in Pretty Gritty Suite.
Christina Dooling in the Pretty Gritty Suite. Photo by Liza Voll.
“Complexions”: Natalia Alonso, front, and Clifford Williams (center midair) with fellow members of the troupe in “Moon Over Jupiter” at the Joyce (from New York Times)


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