A Day In A Life Of Mom

I have been abandoned this blog for quiet a while…. I have to admit that I just have a little energy left by the end of the day and with that I choose to get a goodnight sleep as soon as I can (and not blogging or browsing the Web). So I just want to share what we did today… (a typical day of ours – if none of us get sick or super busy or crazy, haha).

09.00 AM Circle time at their playing room. Oh, Khalif turns 10 months yesterday!


10.30 AM Whaling Museum – A field trip with Artworks! Literacy class. Azka is facing to New Bedford Harbor.


14.00 PM Playing with my snacks and having me time


15.40 PM Going to Bookmobile. It came every other Tuesday and stop just across the street


16.30 PM Making a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Azka did a great counting with these!



17.30 PM My Calla Lilies started to bloom


18.50 PM Went to see sunset at Fairhaven Fort Phoenix hurricane barrier


21.00 PM Went to grocery and came home for a late supper with tortilla and red beans!



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