Fisherman Memorial

On my recent me-time, I did a little photo hunting to The Historic Downtown of New Bedford, I went across to the Waterfront (to the area called New Bedford’s Tonnessa Park) and stumbled upon this statue above. I never paid attention to this statue before, the first time I knew that it was exist was because of Bikka’s picture in her Instagram photo profile! But I’m glad I did take a little closer to this statue, because it’s such a beauty!

The mighty myth, whoever he is, holds a cod in his left hand, and a sturgeon in his right, with a collection of marine life at his feet.

This historical 10-foot sculpture was described by Anna Hyatt Huntington as a representation of a mythical sea god when she offered the statue to the city in 1962 (it’s not Neptune, clearly). More than a fanciful work of art, it is a memorial, according to the sculptress, of “Those Seamen whose only graves are on the ocean floor”. The “Memorial to Whalemen and Fishermen” is a reminder that a life, or a job, at sea carries great risk. It also reminds us that those who are lost are not forgotten (cites source).

Closer look
Facing Historical Downtown of New Bedford
Facing Historical Downtown of New Bedford (on Route 6)



The Statue is just next to Waterfront Visitor Center (the brick building)

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