3/52 Portrait Project

Electric aspirator and Saline Drops are my BFF right now, as they’re helping me to ease the mucus outta Azka and Khalif’s nose (yuck) and my current favorite sound is the snort of mucus coming out of the aspirator (yuck again). But hey, without those essentials flu season “gear”, I don’t know how I could survive the last one month. Yeah, I think we’re having the worst flu season ever – it’s been 1.5 months and yet we’re still dealing with this cough, flu, and fever! (OH how I miss to sleep through the night).

While Khalif is gradually getting better, now Azka is fighting the flu. Get well soon Nak..



This week notes:

– Azka’s current favorite song is Big Bang Theory theme song. He called it “Hot dense state” and dance super funny every time he hears that song.

– Khalif can already crawl! He crawls to every possible place and corner in the apartment…Including bathroom and kitchen. Well, well…


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