Last week we had Nemo coming to our beloved city in New Bedford. That cute little clown fish Nemo? Unfortunately not that one. This Nemo is a snowstorm that occurred in Northeastern part of the United States ; stretched from New York –  northern New Jersey – parts of Pennsylvania and up through New England into Maine. It is actually uncommon to give name to a blizzard, but this year The Weather Channel (TWC) decided to give it the name; NEMO probably stands for “NorthEastern ____”; they say “Naming winter storms will raise awareness, which will lead to more pro-active efforts to plan ahead, resulting in less impact on the public overall.”. Agree, plus it made a “cool” hashtag too in Twitter and Instagram, isn’t? Ha.

What a sight to see the Nemo effect on the next day! What a beautiful mess it created… We survived to the blizzard with no major damages in our neighborhood, but many residents in New Bedford experienced power outages (14%) and also in Dartmouth and Fairhaven (nearly 70%)  for 2 days.








Because I knew that this Nemo will be a potentially historic snowstorm, then I really wanted to be a part of it. I really REALLY wanted to go out and go around the city the day after Nemo.. But I have no company, plus Khalif got a terrible flu and cough, and I’m not sure to go all by myself – walking (there were parking and driving banned in the city, the residents were urged to stay at home so the cleaning process on the road would be easier). Seeing this from “Postcard From New Bedford” (by Beatriz Oliviera) page kinda make me sad – I wish I could be there too, experienced and captured it.





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