Peter Sis

My days lately full of Azka’s new words in longer sentence – both in Indonesian and English:

“Tik..Tik…Bunyi Hujan di atas genting….(full version in RAP)”// “Satu satu, Aa sayang Ibu… Wa-uwa juga sayang papa, ga-tiga sayang sama Khalif, (satu-dua-tiga) saaayang semuanyaaa”// “Are you okay, Kai?” (to Khalif)// “Khalif, where are you going?”// “Bu, come…come! Khalif bu..guling (-guling)!”// “Bu…! Open the door, please”// “One, two,…. four, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, thirteen…!”// “Sorry, sorry guys….”// Me: “What is your name?” | Him: “Malik Hakim” | “Where are you from?”| “In….esia!”// “Bu, X….! T, F, O…! S…!” *pointing to the letters*.

Then one day, “petersis..petersis”. I wasn’t sure what he’s trying to say, until he grabbed me a “Ship Ahoy!” book by Peter Sis. Oh, of course…! Peter Sis! – This what makes my day always full of surprises, Azka’s new words and new skills (cognitive, fine and gross motor), and this time he showed me that he’s paying attention to our dear children’s book author and illustrator Peter Sis through his signature drawing by putting the Fire Truck and Ship Ahoy! book side by side.


After that, Azka mentioned also about “Going Up”, the new book that we borrowed from library. I’m surprised Azka remember the title, because I read him once about the book and he seemed not paying any interest when I read him the story, well I guess I’m wrong! He did paying attention. Peter Sis books are great for preschoolers; many talk about colors, shapes, alphabets, patters, numbers. We love all of his remarkable works that mostly based and dedicated to his own children’s interest.

Beach ball“Beach Ball” (1990)

The first book of him that we read was Madlenka’s Dog. It is about a girl named Madlenka who wanted a pet dog so bad, but didn’t get the approval from her parents.. The story and illustration are very unique, very different from any of the children’s books we have ever read. With his considerable charm, he uses lift-up flaps and peek-through windows to bring us into Madlenka’s magical world where play and fantasy make wishes come true.


Madlenka’s Dog (2002)

The second book by Peter Sis that we read was Komodo! You guess, yep, it is about Komodo dragon and it was about the author adventure while visiting Komodo Island in Indonesia. The book is very special because it is about our Komodo, Indonesia, and the illustration that full of komodo in every possible details. Such a beauty ( I gotta have that as a collection). Take a look here.

“With Sís, everything is multilayered and full of surprises. Getting it all in one read is like seeing the Metropolitan Museum of Art in an afternoon.” –The San Diego Tribune

In addition to his prolific career as an author, this New York-based illustrator has contributed more than a thousand drawings to The New York Times Book Reviewand his illustrations have appeared in Time magazine, The Atlantic Monthly, NewsweekEsquire and many other magazines in the United States and abroad. 

For NY Times

Illustration from The Conference of Birds (2011)

Illustration from “The Wall: Growing Up Behind the Iron Curtain.” (2007)

Train of The States (2004)

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