Saturday in Boston

Last Saturday we went to Boston with two purposes: Shopping at Asian Market (at Super 88) and farewell to Iput, who had her last day in US and leaving to Japan for her new job…. huhu. Despite the sadness of “losing” a good friend in here, we had a great time with friends in Boston’s warm winter day.

So, after a confusion to choose one to many restaurants that vegetarian-friendly enough for me (hehe), we decided to take a lunch in BonChon Chicken – a Korean restaurant in Allston. I can’t resist myself to took some bites (one chicken it is) of its famous fried spicy chicken wings (OH so GOOD!), and all the foods are just super tasty and great (didn’t feel any MSG aftertaste). Highly recommended! (they’re kids-friendly too!).

IMG_2143In front of the BonChow

IMG_2136Oh so Serious

IMG_2152Holding hands

Walk around to the high-fashion district in Newburry St. How I felt so intimidated with all the branded items and stylo-mylo people in there and reminded me that it was a long time ago since I bought my last new bag…. (the last two bags I bought was an auction used Zara bag at eBay and a 50 cents sling-bag at thrift store). Anyhow, besides all the fashionistas, the street was packed with beautiful dogs and puppies! And yes, there was Georgetown Cupcake… :9

IMG_2174She looks like Anna Hathaway, no?

IMG_2184Good luck, Iput!

After Newbury, we went one block to visited Boston Public Library just 15 minutes before the closing hour (5 PM it is). We didn’t manage to go all around the room because it’s too gigantic… But this is one of filmy-kind library, look at the scenes:




Love our Saturday until we found out that on Monday, Azka got high fever. The pandemic flu in Boston has rapidly spread all over the city – including New Bedford of course. Get well soon kiddo! *hatchoooooo!* ( yes, it was me, I got the flu too!).

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