Bits and pieces for what left in my heart along December…

1. Like the previous year, this year the kids got so many Christmas presents from “Santa” through Family Center and Salvation Army. Thank you dear foster parents…!


2. Mita, a dear old friend from SSEAYP, who’s doing her Fulbright teaching assistant in DeKalb- Illinois stayed in our place for 3 days – with her two friends; Yeng (Filipino) and Afni (Malaysian). It was a joyful rendezvous after 4 years not seeing each other. What made it special, we went out to watch “The Life of Pi” in AMC Dartmouth….while there were only the FOUR of us in the cinema x) Maybe it was too late, we watched the last show at 8.35 PM. Such a beautiful movie from one of the greatest book I have ever read.





3. Went to Marion, a verrrrry small town, located in Plymouth county – 20 minutes from New Bedford. With only 5000-ish residents, no wonder the town is like a ghost town. Super quiet. I barely saw any humans. What even surprising, the downtown doesn’t have any single cafe or restaurant….there’re just some small art galleries and post office. I bet I will like the town better on Summer, when there will be annual tall ship regatta – and people coming from all around the world to visit this charming little town on Buzzard Bay.



4. Went to Edaville, a fun family amusement park in South Carver, MA with Satrio…! The amusement park that’s not amusing at all, haha. Don’t compare it with Dufan, or Disneyland! But we had fun while in there. Had a good laugh on that freeze-breezy night. Oh! we tried Fried Oreo for the first time…it was good, but with the price $5, we deserved more than 5 oreos!




5. City Celebrates New Year! This is supposed to be a fireworks….It didn’t look like one, isn’t? Haha. Me and Azka spent the New Year eve strolling around in downtown with thousands of people – watched Toe Puppet Jam show at YMCA and the fireworks at Custom Square House.



Hope to see you again, December…! Thanks for the colors and lights you gave.


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