New Bedford Santa Run


The Santa Run is a jolly, one-of-a-kind way to walk/jog/run your way into the holiday season while also sharing in the spirit of giving to a great cause (for charity).  It was such a fun sight to see 1600 runners dressing up in Santa suits and going for a friendly 5K run together… This is not about competition but more to the experience, fun and togetherness. This year, the Santa Run in New Bedford happened on Saturday, December 8th.

The weather that morning wasn’t anything that everyone would expected to do running – it was gloomy, raining and a little bit crisp air (10C not bad for the beginning of winter season). I was hoping that they would change the schedule to the next day, which from the prediction would be sunnier and warmer. In a hurry, I went to downtown myself – gear up with my boots, parachute jacket, umbrella, and DSLR – the boys stayed at home because, well.. they were not ready yet. The run started at 11 AM from the City Hall, and I know they would start it on time. I rush myself, park the car in any possible parking spot (many streets are closed due to the running) – and I’m glad I made it there on time…! 10.57 AM it was!

Anyway, about the Santa Run: getting into the spirit of the season by running in a Santa costume is quite unique to most parts of the county, but New Bedford is not the only city that hosts this event. From Liverpool to Vegas, and now Baton Rouge to New Bedford…the Santa Races are spanning the globe. The Santa Race provides a comfortable atmosphere for all levels of runners, walkers, and people who love the holiday season. Since these races benefit charities all over, it just validates the experience that much more. Many race organizers compete for the Guinness Book World Record of Largest gathering of Santa Claus’. The current record holders are Derry City in Northern Ireland with 12,965 people dressed as Santa, beating out the previous record holders in Liverpool (3,921).

I want to do this next year! (sok-sok-an, padahal olahraga aja ga pernah, haha)






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