Round About in November

I love the way we spent our weekends in November: we have been visiting some of the nearest cities within 30 minutes drive from New Bedford (bear in mind, 30 minutes in here can take you to as far as 40 km – which is the range of distance that Papa Ara willing to drive, ehe) and what we do basically are either having breakfast or lunch, visited the public library,  the playground, and see the city’s landmark. If there’s any, we would also love to visit any farm in the surrounding area. Sounds very ndeso ya? But we’re really enjoying it!

4th week of November –  We went to the town of Tiverton in Rhode Island, it is known for its art village called “Tiverton Four Corners”.  Tiverton Four Corners has become an important center for antiques, fine art, decorative crafts, and cozy shops nestled into a quaint New England Village of 18th century buildings.

During that long Thanksgiving weekend, we also went to Providence. Too bad, because of Thanksgiving many stores are closed – only few that were open that day. After had a lunch at Kabob and Curry, we strolled at the Burnside Park; a small park situated in downtown Providence adjacent to Kennedy Plaza. It was named for Ambrose Burnside, a general in the American Civil War from Rhode Island, an equestrian statue was erected in his honor in the late 19th century, and sits in the center of the park (from Wiki).

3rd week of November – we had a breakfast at a local cafe called Beach Plum in Dartmouth. After that, we wanted to buy some fresh eggs from Appoinagansett farm; but the farm was closed….though we had a chance to say hello to the farm animals. They are pretty!

2nd week of November – went to Westport to see the library and playground. The playground is so-so, but Azka loves it very much because it has a lot of toy trucks!

1st week of November – Went to Mattapoisett for a lunch at How On Earth and went to Ned’s Point Lighthouse and main library.

Hopefully we still have a good weather in December, so we can continue our mini exploration toward the nearest cities in Southeastern of New England…!

2 thoughts on “Round About in November

  1. chicaa.. keren banget foto2nyaa.. enak dilihat dan very personal! 🙂 huhuhu.. aku selalu mengunjungi postingan barumu karena keliatan terus updatenya di blogrollku, hihihih.. much love from banduuung! :*

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