(Oh) Social Media

The last two months I actively using my Instagram and Path apps. I forced myself to doing it for the sake to feel good about myself (that I am currently in something “happening”). But I treat both account differently than Facebook (of course), then I realized that every social media has to be treated differently, otherwise you won’t get the fun of doing it.

I remember the first time I made my Twitter account. I was expecting some of my friends and colleagues to follow me back. I even mentioned them in the purpose that they will noticed my presence and follow me back (I thought, by that time, they hadn’t followed me back yet because they didn’t know that I’m on twitter). But after several mentions, they never following me back. I got pretty hurt at that time (silly)…How come they did’t want to follow me? We know each other, we spent our heyday together making movies at LFM, one even my friend since elementary school to high school, some even are my closed relatives by marriage. Why? Oh.., maybe because they are a celebtwit* right now…They don’t feel like have to follow me. Okay, fine. Unfollow them – beres! (me, being childish).

Then, not so long after I unfollowed them, I got REALLY disturbed by twits of an acquaintance of mine, so I decided to unfollow her. Do I feel guilty about it? Well, a little. But I also feel good because her twit never showed up in my timeline. At that time, I just realized, that I understand why that fellow celebtwit of mine would never follow me back. It is clearly because we have different issue in here – they obviously didn’t find my twit enthralling enough to meet their standard. So, I am okay since then, I got my Twitter lessons and not feeling hurt anymore, but still don’t want to follow them back either. Meh.

Then it comes Instagram and Path.

Honestly, I’m far way behind with Instagram (two years late!). So far, I have unfollowed probably 30 people of my friends just because I found their posts do not meet my interest. Instagram by all means, has to do with some “artsy” side of photography. It is really disturbing when people (I know) treat Instagram just to post something facebook-y (if you know what I meant). So sorry, I have to unfollow you guys. No hurt hard feeling, yes?

As for Path, my advice, don’t add people that you barely know and don’t need to know MORE about them. I rarely checked my Path, I guess I’m not so much into it, most of the time I did share something on Path just, again, to make people know that: I’m exist. Which I realized a very shallow form of doing something. Grrrhhh… I hate to say that after  a while following people’s life through these social media, you know their kind of twits, posts, status, pictures,…. you know what things that matters to them and you just had enough knowing about these people you don’t even care about.

Ah sudahlah, tadinya ini post gak akan di posting sih (stay in draft, just like many other posts), tapi gapapa deh di post aja (mulai ganggu).

Anyway, is your Facebook timeline still look “attractive”? Mine looks like recycle bin. I (think I) should just delete my account, otherwise I will start hating people (because they appear in my newsfeed and what they say through their status or their picture are….. look pretty much like rubbish to me). It is my fault actually, I hide “interesting people” news from my newsfeed so then I feel not tempting to do kepo* through their account, but then here comes trouble, those who actually showing up in my newsfeed are people that I don’t want to know what they’re doing. It is really frustating seeing some acquaintance just keep posting about their online business (the MLM kind of thing ya, not online shop), some keep posting their narcissistic pictures (yes, still happening), some posted any single branded items/ gadgets they just bought, some posted about their children in not very appealing way (poor kids, tell your parents not to post your pictures with shabby pajamas!), etc ……you catch my drift. Ah…I know I probably have done some of that things too, then I made a mistake :p.

I know, for many of us we use social media as our branding tool (which is completely fine), but share what is worth to be shared. Not every single things in your life need to be exposed to the entire world… And for people who is abusing the social media with negative status, comments and twits, my advice: make a blog, that way you won’t litter in somebody’s timeline. No, kidding, that way….you probably could make a good documentation of your deplorable life.

Sorry for being sarcastic, it’s just my opinion.


Celebtwit: is a regular person that famous on twitter. In my opinion, they should have at least 3000 people to follow them.

Kepo: an adjective – meaning have a huge urge to know something more about one particular person. It’s usually what a stalker do.



2 thoughts on “(Oh) Social Media

  1. yeah, this social medias are kinda disturbing lately, they have dual side. first they are media, that means it’s a place where people can share. but then, they are also social, which we know any interaction with other human being might cause friction.
    you know what I mean 🙂
    Because, you can’t control what people put on facebook, but you can control what do you want to see.
    my tips on facebook: create a list of your special persons. these are the people that worth to be looking at in your timeline. i think facebook has a way of doing it by checking the ‘close friends’ tag. they will appear first on your timeline, so you feel warmth everytime you open your facebook. others don’t really matter.
    my tips on twitter: i think you’ve been already doing it well 🙂

    1. Wah, ada ya list gitu (memang udah pernah beberapa kali mengganti status “friend” jadi “acquaintance” dan “unsubscribe” dan “hide posts/ only important notification”, tapi ga ngeh dengan keberadaan list). Gue akan coba! Nuhun tipsnya 😀
      Tapi ya itu juga sih, kadang yang pengen diliat dari orang2x yang INGIN dilihat akan menyebabkan kekepoan lebih lanjut, hahahha *ini masalah diri sendiri ya*. Ah tapi memang sudah jarang membuka facebook, paling 5 menit per hari dibanding masa2x dulu bisa sejam x)

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