Sunset Yoga

I barely could remember the last time I did yoga. I think it was during my 8 month of pregnancy with Azka. That’s a looong time ago!! I actually been meaning to practice yoga in a daily basis…But it’s only theory *sigh*. I don’t have time and energy to do it and if I have both time and energy, I don’t have a proper place or nuance that’s conducive for me to practice yoga (it’s either Azka wants my attention, or Ara asked me to watch movies, yada yada ..I can tell thousand of reasons why I’m not doing it. In fact, I’m just a lazy ass).

I practice yoga since my college years, probably for 3 years….Sometimes I went to Yoga Leaf (with teh “Ujie” Pujiastuti Shindu), or just do it religiously every morning in my kos-kosan room. Only 10 minutes per day…-doing the 10 yoga positions, like child’s pose, downward facing dog, etc- But I remember how peaceful it was for doing it every day…every morning. It is a good idea to start doing the routine back now.

In New Bedford there are some places I know that offering yoga class.. But this one attract me more than any other: Sunset Yoga by Southcoast Yoga. It is held in Fort Taber -my favorite spot in New Bedford, where you can find tranquility with its peaceful scenery and atmosphere. Expect green grass, blue sky, wind breeze, calm sea and beautiful sunset while you’re in there. Just a PERFECT place to practice yoga. The class for sunset yoga will ends this August (Summer only). Every Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6.30 – 7.30 PM. Bring your own mattress or large towel, bottle water, and 5 bucks…!




*the last picture is courtesy of Southcoast Yoga

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