Indoor Houseplants

I’m very new in this gardening thing. When I was living with my mom in Jakarta and with mother-in-law in Bandung,  I was careless about taking care of their houseplants (I didn’t even pay much attention to watering them or whatsoever).  Not until I live in my own place and along with my “nursing” instinct which is growing inside me (I’m such an ibu-ibu now!), I began to love gardening (well, not a garden yet, but a little step to gardening). Now, I started to love each of my houseplants, especially this Summer, when every each of them are starting to bloom and give their best shape to make prettier my kitchen and dining room.

As a starter, last year I bought some cooking herbs to fill-up my kitchen with their minty aroma and I can use them for cooking (I used to have parsley and basil, but the parsley died…). Basil leaves have warm, spicy flavor. It can be use sparingly in soups, sauces, pizza, salads, omelets and with meat, poultry and fish. Also a basis for pesto.

I plant the never ending chop and grow Scallions. Super easy one. No dirt required.

Red chili plant which was died during winter and spring, but now started to blooming and can be used for cooking, yeay!

I bought a Geranium and a Zeezee plant for only 1 bucks each at a yard sale, they are one of the best houseplants because they are HARD to kill and very easy to take care of. For Geranium, you can just cut the stem or base of the plant, and it will regrow beautifully.

Zeezee plant is sometimes called an eternity plant because it lasts so long, succulent zeezee plant tolerates low light and neglect. The thick, fleshy leafstalks are so durable that you might even think it’s plastic. It is a slow grower, so purchase a large plant if you want a big specimen. Cut stems remain green and healthy in appearance for several weeks, even without water (source: here).

Lucky Bamboo is Papa Ara’s choice for his office plant – but until now it stays in our living room. It makes the perfect house or office plant, needing little care but water and little direct sunlight to keep it happy and thriving.

I got this Devil’s Ivy from a moving friend – also very easy to maintain and this plant has been proven by NASA to filter the air of many nasty chemicals including formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide. The scientific name for this “clean air” plant is Epipremnum Aureum.

The last one I bought from Home Depot is Schefflera arboricola or Dwarf Umbrella Tree. This one has a bad dirt I suppose…Because there are some flying insects stay in the plant. To shoo away those irritating insects, I spread red chili flakes. It worked out just nice.

Having these greens at our home give a great physiological effect, they just brighten up your mood as well as brighten up the rooms 🙂

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