KRI Dewaruci

On the 4th of July, we went to Boston with the mission to see the Boston Pops Fireworks Spectacular as part of commemorating America’s Independence Day and see the KRI Dewaruci – she was there as part of Boston Harbor Festival 2012 along with others tall ships from Ecuador, Brazil, Guetamala, etc. But because one and another considerations (I have a 1 month old newborn & Azka) – and the weather permit (there was thunderstorms warning that caused some of performances and fireworks had to be delayed), we decided to not come and see the fireworks at the Esplanade…However, we had a chance to meet the legendary Dewaruci. Feels like home to see so many Indonesians 🙂

The KRI Dewaruci (sometimes spelled Dewa Ruci or Dewarutji; KRI: Kapal Perang Republik Indonesia) is a Class A tall ship and the only barquentine owned and operated by the Indonesian Navy.[1] She is used as a sail training vessel for naval cadets and is the largest tall ship in the Indonesian fleet. The Dewaruci also serves as a goodwill ambassador for the country of Indonesia to the rest of the world- Wikipedia





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