Graduation Night

Last night I celebrated my Clemente Course graduation with my Clemente professors, sponsors (MassHumanities, UMASSD, etc), and the scholars with their significant others in Whaling Museum at downtown New Bedford.

Clemente Graduates 2012 with All the Professors

I actually don’t feel like I deserve the graduation night and the certificate given from Clemente Course. I certainly haven’t completed one semester of philosophy and American literature class -because I quit in the middle of the semester due my first trimester sickness. But, oh, well… I completed this Spring semester of Clemente with American History and Art History (+ writing and public speaking). So, a little celebration won’t hurt!


Too bad for the graduation night Ara and Azka couldn’t accompany me 😦 Azka didn’t feeling well that day and Ara had a final exam presentation for the next day. I came alone, but didn’t feel lonely at all because I was too busy embrace my last moments with my Clemente classmates.

I‘m gonna miss these tough and wondrous women. They might not the most talented – most charming – most eloquent- or the coolest women I ever met..But, each of these women has given me inspirations for what they have done through their life. They (might have) faced the most difficult times of their lives – mental illness, loosing their significant others, teen pregnancy and no support from family, single moms, etc- , they faced much challenges in life than I what I have been through. They’re moving on now and I can see clearly they have changed to be a better person than they were before when I first met them last September 2011…

The class situated in small and humble meeting room in West End of New Bedford might not the greatest and comfortable class room I ever be in, not kind of a class I expected to be if I want to continue my study at all. But does it matter? As long as we could learn, study, discussing self-provoke questions, …does it matters what the class look like?

For this opportunity, I would really send my sincere thank yous to all devoted professors of Clemente Course in New Bedford: Dr. Mark Santow as the coordinator of the program – which showed me how a man could be so devoted to academics, family, and community so much.

Dr. Mark (in the middle)

To Dr. Memory Holloway – for a new pair of eyes she gave through the Art History she taught.

Dr. Memory (in green dress)

And the rest to all the staff and professors Noureen, Dr. Jen Riley, Dr. Cathy, Kathleen Torrens, and Susan. This experience, might not changed my life 180 degree, but I know I am a different person from what I am before.

Last but not least, thank you for my Clemente friends: Alda, Barbara, Jamilyn, Kristen, Jean, Jenna, Christina, Christie, Maricher, Justin, Esperanza, Anne, Jessica, Maggie and Lynne ; for the friendship and kindness for all these months, the chairs reserved only for pregnant lady, nice night-chat on the cab, and sharing valuable knowledge through our discussion and debate.

I certainly will miss our Clemente times 🙂


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