Discover the continuing revolution. Lowell’s water-powered textile mills catapulted the nation – including immigrant families and early female factory workers – into an uncertain new industrial era. Nearly 200 years later, the changes that began here still reverberate in our shifting global economy. Explore Lowell, a living monument to the dynamic human story of the Industrial Revolution

On May 5th I joined the annual volunteer field trip with New Bedford Whaling National Park volunteers to Lowell, Massachusetts. The trip was free and each volunteer could bring one guest to join the trip. I, of course, wanted the guest to be Ara and Azka, but unfortunately the trip coordinator (and volunteer association president), Diane, didn’t really suggest me to bring Azka – she said, “It won’t be interesting for him”. So I asked my friend from Clemente Course, Alda Freitas, to accompany me that day.

The trip to Lowell took 1.5 hour – with very smooth and no traffic at all-, usually takes 2 – 2.5 hour in weekdays from New Bedford to Lowell. Our first destination was Lowell National Historical Park – the Visitor Center. We watched a 20-minutes documentary movie about the history of the city that was well known as the cradle of the industrial revolution in the United States in 19th century.

Sketches of the people which make up the stories of Lowell
Alda at The Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center

After that we went to New England Quilt Museum which located only 10 minutes walk from the visitor center. The Quilt Museum had an exhibition of Fenway Park Centennial, Quilts by Rosemary Bawn (until July 8th 2012). I actually expected much more than 1 floor of exhibition, but that it is, the first floor is museum’s store and second floor is the exhibition.

New England Quilt Museum

The next destination was Boott Cotton Mills Museum and Mill Girls and Immigrants Exhibit. We went to both places by old electric trolley – which still in a very good condition. Ahhh…..I always amazed (and envy) of how this country really respect the historical values by preserving all the collections and documents from the past. I wish Indonesia has many museums and well-maintained national parks like in here. Wish, wish, wish….

The MIll
Fellow Volunteers +65 y.o. I respect all of them for their spirit and energy!
Lowell Yellow Trolley
The female workers worked 13hr a day, 7 days a week, paid $2.5/ month.
Mill Girls Exhibit
Immigrants Exhibit

Plan your visit before coming to Lowell National Park by visiting their Web. Totally recommended and worth visited!

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